Aerith Dissidia

Aerith Gainsborough is the bonus fourth representative for Final Fantasy VII in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. She appears as an Assist-only character and a tutor for those who purchase Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Final Fantasy. In Prologus, she gives advice on how to play, and signs off by announcing her inclusion in the main game as an Assist-only character.

She is able to perform her Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII in the game whenever she is called to assist the player's main character, and these attacks have unique properties, such as freezing the opponent in place or granting the player invincibility.

Despite being an Assist-only character, she has her own set of alternate costumes, all of which are unlocked immediately after transferring data from Prologus into the main game. Her default outfit is her pink dress and red mini-jacket that she wore in Final Fantasy VII. Her first alternate outfit is her Amano-style dress, which is a lighter shade of pink. Her second alternate outfit is her Crisis Core attire, which is a white and blue sleeveless dress with sandals.


As an Assist-only character, Aerith is able to perform two of her limit breaks from Final Fantasy VII when called; Seal Evil and Planet Protector, along with Cure and the ultimate white magic spell, Holy.


Bravery Assist AttacksEdit

  • Cure (Ground) - Restore 60% of the player's base Brave
  • Seal Evil (Aerial) - Paralyzes opponent for 3 seconds or until attacked. (works the same as Coward's Punishment)

​HP Assist AttacksEdit

  • Planet Protector (Ground)  Shields both the player and Aerith from damage and flinching for five seconds. Will also protect against HP damage, but the opponent's Bravery still drops to 0. Aerith will remain on the stage for the spell's duration, but will not be Assist Locked until attacked after the attack ends, but before she vanishes. Will cancel chase sequences if the player is attacked while being protected, though the player will not suffer any damage.
  • Holy (Aerial)  - Charge energy and consume the opponent in a blast of holy energy. Aerith has Block Mid priority while charging, thus only guard-crushing attacks will be able to hit her. Effects: Wall Rush, Block