Arenas are battlefields where the different characters in the game battle. There are twelve different arenas in Dissidia. Ten of them represent a place from the original ten games (usually the site of the Final Battle) and two of them are original to the game. There are also "Dynamic" versions of these stages which can be purchased from the PP Catalog after Shade Impulse has been completed, adding up to 24 stages.

The arenas are:

  1. Chaos shrine of past Chaos Shrine of the Past
  2. Pandaemonium Pandaemonium
  3. World of Darkness World of Darkness
  4. Valley of the Moon Lunar Subterrane
  5. Dimension Castle Dimension Castle
  6. Tower Ruins Kefka's Tower
  7. Planets Core Planet's Core
  8. Ultimecia Castle Ultimecia Castle
  9. Crystal World Crystal World
  10. Dreams End Dream's End
  11. Sanctuary of Order Sanctuary of Order
  12. End of Chaos Edge of Madness
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