Bartz Klauser
Butz artwork
Final Fantasy V


Souichirou Hoshi (Japanese)/ Jason Spisak (English)


Utility Player (Japanese) / Mimic (English)
Unique (Japanese) / Specialist (English)


Bartz PortraitWhite Mist Cape Portrait

"A young, carefree man who travels the world accompanied by his loyal chocobo, Boko. After the appearance of a meteorite and a young woman named Lenna, he is chosen to be a Warrior of Light by the Crystals to defeat Exdeath. While he doesn't let much trouble him, he still can't get over his fear of heights."

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia description

A courageous young man with a strong sense of justice, Bartz possesses the ability to mimic and combine the powers of Cosmos' warriors in battle. In the original game, Bartz traveled the world with a chocobo companion, Boko, as willed by his late father. One day, he met the impetuous Princess Lenna at the scene of a meteorite crash, and they embarked on a journey to seek out the crystals.

How to Unlock Edit

As a hero for Cosmos, Bartz is unlocked from the beginning of the game. His alternative costume is available for purchase from the PP Catalog for 300PP.


Bartz's appearance is taken from his concept art by Amano. He appears as a young man with fair skin, gray eyes, and brown hair. He is adorned in a light blue sleeveless shirt, a blue sash shown around his waist along with a gold belt, gray and white pants, blue, purple, and yellow boots, and a blue flowing cape. He has a golden spike shown on his left shoulder.

Alternate appearanceEdit

  • White Mist Cape - Recolors his hair white and his shirt to a zebra design, a red sash, yellow cape and black pants.
  • Freelancer - Based on his sprite appearance which gives him a more casual look, wearing a blue and white tunic, yellow pants and green boots with his hair a more deeper hue of brown and in a more traditional spiky style.


Bartz's combat expertise lies in combining the attacks of his fellow Heroes in arms. Most of his attacks are quick, and sometimes he can be unpredictable in his tactics. Another interesting quality of Bartz is that when you use his abilities, you gain special bonuses, like Climbarrel adding "Chase BRV DMG +10%".

To clarify, each of Bartz's offensive abilities has an extra ability attached to it. For example: Solid Rise has a Counter Attack effect, which raises damage and critical hit rate when attacking when the opponent is attacking. So having Solid Rise in your move set not only lets you use the move, but it's the same as if you also had Counter Attack equipped in the extra abilities menu. This is applied to all other attacks you have set to Bartz at the time. So in exchange for his attacks costing a little extra CP compared to other characters, he's also more flexible when choosing basic abilities to equip.

Bravery AttacksEdit

Name Type Damage Type Priority Special Effect(s) CP (Mastered) AP Level Obtained Visual
Ascendent Lance (English)
ライズランス (Japanese)
Ground Physical Melee Low Wall Rush 35 (15) 120 1 Bartz Ascendent Lance 1
Bartz Ascendent Lance 2
A slow shield toss (Warrior of Light) followed by a quick lance swing (Firion).
Minor Physical Shield effect
Reel Impulse (English)
リードインパルス (Japanese)
Ground Physical Ranged High (Axe throw)
Melee Low (Dagger combo)
Wall Rush 35 (15) 120 1 Bartz Reel Impulse 1
Bartz Reel Impulse 2
An axe throw that drags the opponent in (Firion) followed by slashes with Mage Mashers (Zidane Tribal).
EX intake range +1m
Climbarrel (English)
クライムバレル (Japanese)
Ground Physical Melee Low Chase 35 (15) 120 3 Bartz Climbarrel 1
Bartz Climbarrel 2
Charge forward to impale he opponent (Cloud Strife), then send them flying with three explosive stabs (Squall Leonhart).
Chase Bravery damage +10%
Solid Ascension (English)
ソリッドライズ (Japanese)
Ground Physical Melee Low Chase
Wall Rush
35 (15) 120 10 Bartz Solid Ascension 1
Bartz Solid Ascension 2
Perform a graceful combo with gunblade (Squall Leonhart), then use sword to launch the opponent upwards (Warrior of Light).
Minor Counterattack effect
Storm Shot (English)
ストームシュート (Japanese)
Aerial Physical Melee Low Wall Rush 35 (15) 120 1 Bartz Storm Shot 1
Bartz Storm Shot 2
Charge at the opponent whilst spinning Mage Mashers (Zidane Tribal), then kick the opponent to knock them up and away (Tidus).
Jump Times Boost effect
Holy (English)
ホーリー (Japanese)
Aerial Magical Melee Low Chase 25 (10) 120 1 Bartz Holy
Conjure five orbs of light that home in on the opponent (Terra Branford).
Minor Jump Boost effect
Slidehazzard (English)
スライドハザード (Japanese)
Aerial Physical Melee Low Chase 35 (15) 120 28 Bartz Slidehazzard 1
Bartz Slidehazzard 2
Slide through the opponent twice (Tidus), then slam them down (Cloud Strife).
Wall Rush Bravery damage +10%

HP AttacksEdit

Name Type Damage Type Priority Special Effect(s) CP (Mastered) AP Level Obtained Visual
Soul Eater (English)
ソウルイーター (Japanese)
Ground Physical Melee High Wall Rush 45 (25) 180 1 Bartz Soul Eater
Stab the opponent to hit them multiple times, then absorb an orb of darkness into their body to slam them backwards (Cecil Harvey).
Wall Rush HP damage +10%
Flood (English)
フラッド (Japanese)
Ground Magical Unblockable None 45 (25) 180 19 Bartz Flood
Summon three blasts of water from underneath the opponent (Terra Branford).
Minor Magic Shield effect
Wind Shear (English)
旋風斬 (Japanese)
Aerial Physical Melee High Absorb
Wall Rush
45 (25) 180 1 Bartz Wind Shear
Spin around at high-speed, drawing in the opponent and hitting them multiple times (Onion Knight).
Minor Speed Boost effect
Paladin Force (English)
パラディンフォース (Japanese)
Aerial Magical Ranged High Wall Rush 45 (25) 180 38 Bartz Paladin Force
Shoot a light projectile to stun the opponent, then swoop around them with Light Sword and slam them down (Cecil Harvey).
Minor Midair Evasion Boost effect

Bravery to HP AttacksEdit

Name Type Damage Type Priority Special Effect(s) CP (Mastered) AP Chained From Visual
Flare (English)
フレア (Japanese)
Ground Magical N/A None 45 (25) 180 Holy Bartz Flare
Summon three beams of fire that converge to trap the opponent and then explode (Onion Knight).
Minor Back to the Wall effect

Ex-Mode Edit

Job Mastered!! - Bartz masters the Mime Job, complete with a distinct red cape and three stars above his head, denoting Mastery of the Job.

Ex-Burst Edit

Spell Blade Dual-Wield Rapid Fire (Master Mime in Dissidia 012) -> Brave Blade - Adds the strength of his allies to his own job abilities for a series of masterful blows. Each directional button corresponds to 1 hit.

Ex-Bonus Edit

  • Regen - Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.
  • Goblin Punch - (Activate with R+Square) Attack bravery, then perform an HP attack. If you are the same level as the foe, your power massively increases.


Initial Universal EquipmentEdit

Weapons Hand Armor Head Armor Body Armor
Swords Yes Spears Yes Thrown Yes Parrying Yes Hats Yes Clothing Yes
Daggers Yes Axes Yes Grappling Yes Shields Yes Hairpins Yes Robes Yes
Greatswords Yes Rods Yes Instruments Yes Bangles Yes Helms Yes Light Armor Yes
Katanas Yes Staves Yes Machines Yes Gauntlets Yes Ribbons Yes Heavy Armor Yes

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Needed to Use Stats Effect(s) Obtained
Chocoblade (English)
チョコボブレイド (Japanese)
50 ATK +36 Regen +30%. Trade: 15460 gil, Rapier, Spirit Stone x3, Luck Shard x2
Dayspring (English)
暁の剣 (Japanese)
92 ATK +63 Regen +40%. Trade: 29570 gil, Chocoblade, Goddess's Magicite x5, Luck Crystal x3
Dorgann's Blade (English)
ドルガンの剣 (Japanese)
100 ATK +68 Regen +50%.
Cat Nip Effect.
Trade: 31920 gil, Dayspring, Splendor of the Wind x5, Luck Orb x5


  • An ironic fact throughout Bartz adventure is that he spends most of the time running away from the enemies and his ExBurst depicts him slashing with the Brave Blade, weapon known to lose strength the more times the character runs from battles.
  • Bartz holds a golden feather as a lucky charm, which gives to Squall, this is a reference to his best friend, Boko.
  • Through the game Bartz makes several references to the wind, his chosen element from Final Fantasy V.
  • Two of Bartz's strongest weapons are named after the Warriors of Dawn from Final Fantasy V, one of them his father Dorgann. Dorgann's Sword is Bartz's strongest weapon.
  • Bartz's artwork depicts him with a similar pose to his father Dorgann's pose from Amano art of him.
  • The Goblin Punch attack available during Ex Mode is a reference to the Blue Mage job class in Final Fantasy V, the first title of the series to include such job.
  • The fact that Bartz is a mime doesn't mean that he should use the weapons of others, the fact that he does may be a reference to Gilgamesh, a character in Final Fantasy V who throughout the series has been seen wielding the weapons of other Final Fantasy heroes.
  • Bartz's line, “You are who you are. Have faith in yourself“, is reminiscent of his spoken line upon discovering Faris' true gender.
  • Bartz says "I better stay on my toes" in Destiny Odyssey V, a phrase Galuf often said.
  • In Destiny Odyssey V, when the player picks up a summoning stone, Bartz states "Sweet Cosmos a talking rock!". This is a reference to his line "Sweet Christmas a talking turtle!" when he meets Ghoul the sage in Final Fantasy V.
  • At the end of Destiny Odyssey V, Bartz prepares to face Exdeath standing in a similar pose as the battle sprites from Final Fantasy V.
  • When fighting Jecht, Bartz says "Now! Let's fight like men!", a line spoken by Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy V.
  • During Ex Burst, after every dual wielding strike an element is visible, this are the elements of fire, water, earth and wind that represents the characters from Final Fantasy V.
  • The summoning stone available in Bartz's storyline is Leviathan a reference to the summoning role in Final Fantasy V.
  • Bartz's crystal has the appearance of the job crystal shards from Final Fantasy V.


  • When Bartz enters his EX Burst mode, he attacks initially using a Chocobo Kick. A chocobo's cry is heard, and the transition animation is chocobo footprints. This is a nod to Boko, Bartz's pet chocobo.
  • Also when performing Ex Burst, Bartz mixes the weapons from the rest of the heroes, but Terra's sword is not seen.
  • Many of the moves that Bartz performs are a combination of two heroes or more, such as Climbarrel for instance.
  • When seen from the back, Bartz's shoulder pauldron has the shape from a side view of a chocobo.
  • While performing several moves Bartz not only mimics the attack from his friends, but also the tone of their voices.
  • The artwork for Bartz depicts him with the Brave Blade, which he only uses during Ex Mode. This is similar to Judge Gabranth whose artwork shows him in Ex Mode as well.
  • Along with Onion Knight, Firion, Zidane, and Gabranth, Bartz is capable of dual wielding; while he mimics Zidane's moves and during the first part of his Ex Burst.
  • Also, he along with Zidane are the only ones with triple jump at the start of the game without other support or action abilities. This is ironic due to his fear of heights, noted in Final Fantasy V

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