Dissidia has a built in Calendar that is unique to each copy. This Calendar will have special days, during which you will get specific bonuses. It also features the Mognet, a feature in which Moogles send you letters that contain a variety of stuff.

These bonuses include:

  • Extra Gil - Lv. 10 (2x gil). Note : After you buy all Gil Icons from the PP Catalog
  • Extra PP - Lv. 3 (PP +30). Note : After you buy all PP Icons from the PP Catalog
  • Extra AP - Lv. 3 (AP +3). Note : After you buy all AP Icons from the PP Catalog
  • Extra EXP - Lv. 10 (2x EXP). Note : After you buy all EXP Icons from the PP Catalog
  • Extra Opponents drop items more often! - In Special Day only
  • Shop will buy items for higher prices - Special Day only
  • Shop is having a sale! - Special Day only
  • Battlegen Rate has increased - Special Day only

Each day can have one, or multiple bonuses, and 'SPECIAL' days mean you have all of the bonuses at once.Your Special Day comes once a week, you're the one who decided it in the first place. You can change it in the player data settings.

The Days on the Calendar can be 'leveled up' by buying the next level from the PP Catalog. With each bonus, the value given by each is increased.


  • Because the Calendar System in Dissidia: Final Fantasy depends on the PSP's internal clockwork, players are able to adjust the time and date setting in order to their liking, in a term dubbed "Time Traveling." As a result, players are able to set the Calendar and Time Travel to their "Special Day" as they desire.
  • Because the Mognet system, in which you receive mail from your Moogle is based on the Calendar System, players may also change the day after receiving new mail in order to receive another. This can be used to accomplish two missions, both requiring a certain amount of mail received from their Moogles.