Equipment are Items that can be equipped under the Character Customization screen to improve the Character's Attributes. Equipment, like Accessory and Summons, is shared by all Characters. There are four Categories of Equipment: Weapon, Hand, Head and Body.

Each Equipment Category is further split into several types that can only be equipped by some of the Characters. Some Equipment pieces are so unique they can only by used by one specific Character.

Obtaining Equipment Edit

Equipment can either be found during story-mode or by fighting opponents that have the desired Equipment, or by buying the item.

Shop Edit

There are several items for each Equipment category. Browsing the shop you can see how each item would change your attributes. If there is a red text within the attributes box, it means that the Character can not equip this item. The character either doesn't have the necessary level or can not equip that kind of Equipment generally. Note that you can trade certain items in the shop's etc. Category to buy an additional support ability for that Character so he can equip different items aswell.

Trade Edit

There are many items in the shop that have a "TRADE" written where the price should be. Whether you want the item or not, you can click on that item and see the Items you would need to trade for the Equipment item. These are often Accessory Items and stronger Equipment Items.

Ghost Cards Edit

You can unlock Ghost Cards by entering Passwords in the friend card title code. They can be fought in the offline lobby (second option) of Communications (4th option.) The more powerful Ghost Cards will carry powerful equipment you could only normally gain from going all the way through Inward Chaos. Ghost Cards will make some Ultimate Weapons easier to get, in the way that you won't be required to reach Inward Chaos. These items include the Onion Sword, Maduin's Horn, the Chaos Blade and several more. The Gilgamesh Card carries the Genji Set, which would only normally be acquirable through beating Inward Chaos and buying the set in the PP Shop.

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