Cecil Harvey
Cecil light and dark Artwork
Final Fantasy IV


Shizuma Hodoshima (Japanese) / Yuri Lowenthal (English)


Style Maker (Japanese) / Split Soul (English)
Heavy (Japanese) / Vanguard (English)


Cecil DK PortraitCecil Paladin PortraitKnight of the Red Moon DK PortraitKnight of the Red Moon Paladin Portrait

"An earnest and kind individual with a dark past as the commander of the Red Wings, the Air Force of Baron. On a royal mission with his best friend Kain, he starts to question the morality of the king, driving him to leave his homeland and set out on a new path."

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia description

Cecil relies on his experiences as both a dark knight and paladin, and may freely switch between either during battle. Aerial combat is his forte, combining fast movements with expert swordplay. In the original game, he was Lord Captain of Baron's airship force, the Red Wings, until circumstances led to his dismissal and embarkation on a journey of self-discovery. Eventually he was able to overcome his dark past and start down the path of a paladin.

How to Unlock Edit

As a hero for Cosmos, Cecil is unlocked from the beginning in all gameplay modes. To access his alternate attire, buy it for 300PP.


Cecil's appearance is taken from his original Amano art. At first glance, as a Dark Knight, he appears as a man fully clad in black armor with indigo and gold highlights with a spiked helmet. As a Paladin, his physical appearance is shown, having fair skin, wavy white hair and distinct blue lips. He is adorned in form-fitting white armor with blue highlights complete with a light purple flowing cape.

Alternate appearanceEdit

  • Knight of the Red Moon - Like his brother, Golbez, Cecil gains a palette swap, replacing the blue in his forms with red, similar to his original depiction by Amano.
  • Knight of the Silver Moons - In Dissidia 012, Cecil gains a new outfit based on his appearance from the Nintendo DS version of the original game; now featuring tame hair and black and white armor for his Paladin form and an all-black scheme for his Dark Knight form.
  • Knight of the Twin Moons - A special DLC costume will be available for those who purchase the upcoming Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection. The costume is of Cecil based on his sprite appearance; his Dark Knight form is a bit more streamlined and shows of a bit of his face as well as bare hands. His Paladin form features golden armor and a red cape. His hair is much shorter with a lavender coloration and spiked upwards as opposed to the white, flowing style.


Cecil's fighting style is known as Split Soul. Unlike the other characters, Cecil possesses the ability to change between styles of combat through his two styles, Dark Knight and Paladin. As a Dark Knight, Cecil specializes in ground combat and attacks his enemies using powerful dark-elemental attacks that can pull and push away enemies with great force. As a Paladin, Cecil rules the skies, utilizing incredible agile and speedy slashes that perform multiple hits at once. In the beginning, Cecil can only change between classes depending on where he is at when executing an HP attack. He may change into Paladin form if an HP attack is used in the air and back to Dark Knight if on the ground. Later on, Cecil can learn attacks that will allow him to change between classes whilst attacking. His downsides are that his attacks are limited to their intended positions, slow ground movement as a Dark Knight, low range as a Paladin, and slow level development all-in-all. Not only that, he learns only 6 Bravery attacks and 2 HP attacks for each style. This means that at higher levels, he has a large amount of attacks at his disposal, but as a downside, opponents can always expect the same moves, much like his friend Onion Knight.

Bravery AttacksEdit

Dark KnightEdit

Name Type Damage Type Priority Special Effect(s) CP (Mastered) AP Level Obtained Visual
Valiant Blow (English)
ヴァリアントブロウ (Japanese)
Ground Physical Melee Low Wall Rush 20 (10) 140 1 Cecil Valiant Blow
A three-hit attack that lunges and stabs the opponent, driving the weapon into their body before sending them far away with a powerful blow.
Dark Cannon (English)
ダークカノン (Japanese)
Ground Magical Ranged Low Magic Block 20 (10) 180 1 Cecil Dark Cannon
Fires four bullets of dark energy that swirl forward and back towards Cecil, dragging the opponent towards Cecil while dealing constant damage if the opponent is hit by the bullets.
Shadow Lance (English)
シャドウランス (Japanese)
Ground Physical Melee Low (Close)
Ranged Low (Long)
Wall Rush 20 (10) 90 3 Cecil Shadow Lance
Throw lance at the opponent to knock them away, then summon the lance back to hand. More damage is dealt if opponent is closer to Cecil.
Gravity Ball (English)
グラビティボール (Japanese)
Aerial Magical Ranged Low Wall Rush 20 (10) 140 1 Cecil Gravity Ball
Toss a large orb of darkness that follows the opponent. If the attack is successful, the orb will drag the opponent downwards.
Nightfall (English)
ダークフォール (Japanese)
Aerial Physical Melee Low Chase 20 (10) 180 13 Cecil Nightfall
Flip in the air and then quickly descend downwards to create a small burst of dark flames, knocking the opponent back.
Paladin Arts (English)
パラディンアーツ (Japanese)
Aerial Magical Ranged Low None 30 (15) 300 38 Cecil Paladin Arts
Toss a large orb of darkness that follows the opponent. If the attack is successful, the orb will drag the opponent upwards. Can press the O button afterwards to change into a Paladin and attack the opponent with Searchlight.


Name Type Damage Type Priority Special Effect(s) CP (Mastered) AP Level Obtained Visual
Slash (English)
スラッシュ (Japanese)
Ground Physical Melee Low Chase 20 (10) 180 1 Cecil Slash
Spin forward and slash the opponent twice, knocking them into the air.
Lightning Rise (English)
ライトニングアッパー (Japanese)
Ground Physical Melee Low Magic Block
20 (10) 180 27 Cecil Lightning Rise
After a stationary pause, rush forward and slash the opponent multiple times, knocking them upwards.
Dark Step (English)
ダークステップ (Japanese)
Ground Physical Melee Low Magic Block
30 (15) 200 44 Cecil Dark Step
Spin forward and slash the opponent twice, knocking them into the air. Can press the O button afterwards to change into a Dark Knight and attack the opponent with Nightfall.
Radiant Wings (English)
レイウィングス (Japanese)
Aerial Physical Melee Low Wall Rush 20 (10) 120 1 Cecil Radiant Wings
Lunge at the opponent slashing them three times. If the attack connects, follows with another three slashes before slamming the opponent to the ground.
Sacred Cross (English)
セイクリッドクロス (Japanese)
Aerial Physical Melee Low Chase 20 (10) 120 8 Cecil Sacred Cross
Dive downward at the opponent, striking them several times before rising and knocking them away.
Searchlight (English)
サーチライト (Japanese)
Aerial Magical Ranged Low None 20 (10) 90 17 Cecil Searchlight
Throw a light battery towards the opponent that fires several bullets of light at them.

HP AttacksEdit

Name Type Damage Type Priority Special Effect(s) CP (Mastered) AP Level Obtained Visual
Soul Eater (English)
ソウルイーター (Japanese)
Ground Physical Melee High Wall Rush 40 (20) 360 1 Cecil Soul Eater
Change into a Dark Knight. Charge forward a short distance. If the charge connects, stab them with lance, damaging them multiple times, before emitting a ball of darkness that slams them far back.
Dark Flame (English)
ダークフレイム (Japanese)
Ground Magical Ranged High Wall Rush 40 (20) 360 22 Cecil Dark Flame
Change into a Dark Knight. Plunge weapon into the ground, causing bursts of dark flames to erupt and seek the opponent, even through the air and through walls.
Saint's Fall (English)
セイントダイブ (Japanese)
Aerial Physical Melee High Wall Rush 40 (20) 360 1 Cecil Saint's Fall
Change into a Paladin. Concentrate energy, then dive towards the opponent in a rising arc before slamming them to the ground. Has good tracking.
Paladin Force (English)
パラディンフォース (Japanese)
Aerial Physical
Melee High Wall Rush 40 (20) 360 33 Cecil Paladin Force
Change into a Paladin. Shoots a projectile of light to stun foe, then, if the projectile connected, swoop around the opponent delivering several slash attacks and slam them to the ground.
If used while the opponent is being successfully hit by Searchlight, the projectile of light will be skipped and Cecil will zoom to the opponent's location and start the swooping part of the attack from that point.

Ex-Mode Edit

Job Augment - Cecil's weapons change from staff-like blades to full-fledged one-handed swords

Ex-Burst Edit

Soul Shift - A chain of attacks combining the power of light and darkness. Enter the commands that appear on both sides of the screen at the same time.

Ex-Bonus Edit

  • Regen - Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.
  • Proteus - (Activate with R+Square) Bridles light and darkness to instantly change jobs without attacking.
  • Inner Strength - Each attack is 1.5 times as powerful.


Initial Universal EquipmentEdit

Weapons Hand Armor Head Armor Body Armor
Swords Yes Spears No Thrown No Parrying No Hats No Clothing No
Daggers No Axes Yes Grappling No Shields Yes Hairpins No Robes No
Greatswords Yes Rods No Instruments No Bangles No Helms Yes Light Armor Yes
Katanas No Staves No Machines No Gauntlets Yes Ribbons No Heavy Armor Yes

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Needed to Use Stats Effect(s) Obtained
Dark Sword (English)
暗黒の剣 (Japanese)
1 ATK +4 Power of Darkness (1/3). Treasure Chest in Destiny Odyssey IV-1
Mythgraven Blade (English)
伝説の剣 (Japanese)
50 ATK +37 DEF +1 (as a Paladin). Trade: 16280 gil, Dark Sword, Gigas Bone x3, Titan Shard x2
Lustrous Sword (English)
光の剣 (Japanese)
92 ATK +64 DEF +2 (as a Paladin). Trade: 30390 gil, Mythgraven Blade, Blood-Darkened Bone x5, Titan Crystal x3
Lightbringer (English)
ライトブリンガー (Japanese)
100 ATK +69 DEF +2 (as a Paladin).
Minor Sneak Attack Effect.
Trade: 32750 gil, Lustrous Sword, Twin Form x5, Titan Orb x5
Cimmerian Edge (English)
漆黒の剣 (Japanese)
100 ATK +69 ATK +2 (as a Dark Knight).
Minor Counterattack Effect.
Trade: 32750 gil, Lustrous Sword, Twin Form x5, Titan Orb x5

Exclusive ArmorEdit

Name Level Needed to Use Stats Effect(s) Obtained
Dark Shield (English) 1 DEF +5 Power of Darkness (1/3). Treasure Chest in Destiny Odyssey IV-3
Dark Helm (English) 1 BRV +25
DEF +1
Power of Darkness (1/3). Treasure Chest in Destiny Odyssey IV-4
Dark Armor (English) 2 HP +428 Power of Darkness (1/3). Treasure Chest in Destiny Odyssey IV-2

Costumes Edit

1. Original- Amano's Original Artwork.

2. Extra- purchase for 300 PP at the PP Shop, alternate Amano design.

3. EX Mode- Wields Deathbringer/Mythgraven Blade.

4. Extra EX Mode- Original sprite weapon designs.



Cecil is the only character to have two Level 100 Unique Weapons, the Cimmerian Edge (漆黒の剣) and the Lightbringer (ライトブリンガー). Both these swords have an extra bonus depending on which form he is in, limiting their usage but adding variety to his play style.

What Cecil's battle quote with another Cecil refers to the phrase that he says when he becomes a paladin, fighting against an image of his former dark self.



  • It Begins.
  • There’s no time to run!
  • My blade will lead me to the light!
  • Till my last breath!
  • I’ve no other choice.
  • This ends for you…not I!
  • How is this fair?
  • This is rash…but still!
  • I mustn’t coddle the weak!
  • I’ll do it!

Encounter against CosmosEdit

  • Warrior of Light: I’ll best you, with this blade!
  • Firion: Let us cross swords in the name of dreams!
  • Onion Knight: Your light will grow stronger!
  • Cecil: This is a fight for me, and me alone!
  • Bartz: I hope you will not hold back!
  • Terra: You needn’t fear battle.
  • Cloud: Let’s seek our answers together!
  • Squall: Let’s fight as brothers-in-arms!
  • Zidane: I believe I can enjoy a duel with you.
  • Tidus: This won’t be easy.
  • Shantotto: I sense a power deeper than Darkness…

Encounter against ChaosEdit

  • Garland: Nothing is born from war!
  • The Emperor: Rule does not mean tyranny!
  • Cloud of Darkness: Even the darkest clouds scatter in the wind!
  • Golbez: My brother…I will face you!
  • Exdeath: If all you have is power, you are powerless!
  • Kefka: You take joy in other’s suffering?
  • Sephiroth: There is sorrow in those wintry eyes.
  • Ultimecia: Time can’t stop me!
  • Kuja: You should know the importance of Bonding!
  • Jecht: Vows can’t be broken! (See above)
  • Gabranth: We’ve suffered the same pain.
  • Chaos: My comrades, only strengthen my blade!

Attack QuotesEdit

  • Valiant Blow: Hmph! Forgive!
  • Dark Cannon: Darkness be with me!
  • Gravity Ball: Halt!
  • Shadow Lance: Target!
  • Paladin Arts: Stay back! Moon transfix you!
  • Soul Eater: Darkness, Brink of Anguish!
  • Dark Flame: Burn!
  • Slash: Guide me!
  • Lightning Upper: Go! Hya!
  • Dark Step: Guide me! Hya!
  • Ray Wings: To the sky! Fleeting blade!
  • Sacred Cross: Huh! Hah!
  • Searchlight: Moon transfix you!
  • Saint Dive: Beneath the light, comes judgment!
  • Paladin Force: Cleansing light! Haa!

EX Mode QuotesEdit

  • Job Augment: I know my course!

EX Burst QuotesEdit

  • Start: This will seal it!
  • Perfect: The moon leads me! Light and Darkness cast aloft!
  • Others: This is it! The moon leads me! Forgive…

Darkness be with me!

Victory QuotesEdit

  • I follow the path I must!
  • I knew I would Triumph!
  • May you find peace.
  • I will not stop!
  • I survived...somehow.
  • I'm... still standing!
  • All that matters, is what’s inside!
  • Perhaps I’ve grown stronger!
  • With this power!
  • You fought bravely!
  • A knight's path never ends!

Defeat QuotesEdit

  • I’m... a coward!
  • I accept defeat...
  • I will rise again!
  • I failed...!
  • Is this the end...?
  • I cannot meet the others like this...
  • Yet, I’ve sworn to overcome!
  • Am I destined, to go no further?
  • Am I not good enough?
  • I was careless.

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