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Cloud Strife
Final Fantasy VII

Voice Actor

Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese) / Steve Burton (English)


Smash and Blow (Japanese) / Buster Basher (English)
Heavy (Japanese) / Vanguard (English)

"A young man who is a former SOLDIER. In pursuing his nemesis, Sephiroth, and attempting to protect his world, he learns the truth of his own past. He often claims to be "not interested"—a notion that is reinforced by his detached demeanor. It is a mask that breaks only when he is overcome by motion sickness."

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia description

An acerbic young swordsman with glowing eyes who wields a blade as large as he is.

In the original game, after leaving the Shinra Company, he started working as a jack-of-all-trades in the city of Midgar. After joining the anti-Shinra group AVALANCHE, he became entangled in a battle for the future of the planet. On the surface he looks disaffected with most everything, but he is quite a fan of extreme sports such as snowboarding, motorcycling, and chocobo riding.

-From Cloud Strife Profile in Dissidia Final Fantasy

How to Unlock Edit

Cloud is unlocked from the beginning in all gameplay modes.


Cloud artwork

Dissidia/Dissidia DuodecimEdit

Cloud breaks the mold of typical Final Fantasy characters with his appearance being a composite of both Amano and Nomura's concept art. He appears as a young man who has fair skin, spiky hair that resembles a chocobo's hair, and glowing blue eyes. He wears a 1st class SOLDIER uniform, having only one pauldron on his left shoulder.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

Like all the other cosmos heroes, Cloud appears
Theatrhythm cloud
in Theatrhythm final Fantasy in a chibi form.

Costumes Edit

  • Players can buy "Cloudy Wolf" for 300PP in Dissidia and 350PP in Dissidia Duodecim from the PP Catalog.
  • Players can also buy "Steady Light" for 450PP in Dissidia Duodecim.
  • Cloud's third alternate costume is of his appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series. However unlike the previous alternate costume it's available as DLC for those who pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix. For the Overseas release players pre-ordered it from GameStop to get the DLC
  • Cloud's manikin is blue-green.


In Dissidia 012 Duodecim Prologus, Cloud is assisted by Golbez .

Cloud assists Terra Branford in Story Mode [In the Thirteenth Cycle].

Abilities Edit

Cloud's combat style is described as Smash & Blow (original title) or a Buster Basher (US release), consisting of heavy swings with his sword, which deal great damage from short combos that end with a forceful push away into surfaces for additional crash damage. However, his ranged capabilities are highly limited. He also uses his Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII as HP attacks, with the exception of Blade Beam and Climhazzard, which are Brave attacks. Unfortunately, his ground speed leaves a lot to be desired, together with his friends, Cecil and Terra. Like Firion, Cecil and Squall, he also has slow HP attacks, which leave him open to punishment if he misses. Thus, Cloud is more suited to a 'counter-attack' style of play, to let his opponent attack first before he goes in for an HP attack. He has many extremely powerful but slow attacks, making him easy to predict and punish. But his excellent EX Mode bonuses and BP->HP chains compensate offensively.

Brave Attacks Edit

Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes Image

Cutting Edge

Double Cut (US)

Initial Ground 30 120 A one-two slash that knocks the opponent away. Able to enter Chase Mode
DFF Double Cut
ファイア Fire Initial Ground 20 90 Shoots a single fireball with decent homing capability
DFF Cloud Fire
クライムハザード Climhazzard 5 Ground 30 120 Charge forward blade-first, hitting the target up into the air and then stabbing them into the ground for Crash damage
DFF Climhazzard
ソニックブレイク Sonic Break 13 Ground 30 180 A three hit combo that throws the enemy for Crash damage. Chains to Finishing Touch
DFF Sonic Break
ファイラ Fira 19 Ground 20 90 Same as Fire but faster.
DFF Cloud Fira
ファイガ Firaga 33 Ground 30 120 Shoots three fireballs in an array. Homes for a short range before disappearing, advised to be use only when the opponent is near the player for a perfect hit.
DFF Cloud Firaga
破晄撃 Blade Beam 36 Ground 30 120 A high speed energy slash towards the opponent that can break objects and has an additional chase effect (Has weak homing).
DFF Blade Beam
スラッシュブロウ Slashing Blow Initial Air 30 180 Three hit combo that slams opponent downward. Tilt the thumbstick UP upon the third slash to knock the opponent upward. Chains to Omnislash ver. 5
DFF Slashing Blow
空牙 Aerial Fang 10 Air 30 140 Cloud turns upside down and hits the target with one, heavy swing. Able to enter Chase Mode
DFF Aerial Fang
月牙天昇 Rising Fang 23 Air 30 140 Jump upward towards opponent. If contact with the target is made, Cloud revolves around them, dealing constant damage with his sword then sends the target flying straight up causing a Wall Rush.
DFF Rising Fang

HP Attacks Edit

Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes Images
凶斬り Cross-Slash Initial Ground 40 180 Three slashes that can blow the target away for Wall Rush damage.
Dissidia Cloud Cross Slash
メテオレイン Meteorain 9 Ground 30 300 Cloud spins his sword around then stabs it into the ground sending countless meteors toward the opponent. Weak homing and only fairs diagonally downward. Has medium range.
Dissidia Cloud Meteorain
画龍点睛 Finishing Touch Derived Ground 40 300 Chained from Sonic Break. Cloud spins with his sword outward, constantly slashing the target as they rise upward. The final hit strikes the enemy downward for Wall Rush damage
Dissidia Cloud FinishingTouch
ブレイバー Braver Initial Air 40 180 Cloud jumps a little in the air and dashes towards the opponent with moderate homing. When in contact he will then slam the target into the ground, causing Wall Rush Damage.
Dissidia Cloud Braver
超究武神覇斬 ver.5 Omnislash Version 5 Derived Air 40 300 Chained after Slashing Blow, Cloud glows yellow and darts to the target slashing them 5 times in different directions, he then slashes through the target downward with causing his enemy to fly downward for Wall Rush.
Dissidia Cloud Omnislash5

Ex-Mode Edit

Final Fantasy Dissidia by sliscin

Cloud in his EX mode.

Ultima Weapon - The Buster Sword changes into the Ultima Weapon. Cloud's Ultima Weapon features a translucent blade that radiates with power. In the original game, the blade's brightness correlates to Cloud's current HP and is proportionate to the damage dealt. (More/full HP, greater damage)

The power of mako! - (English version, alternate costume only) The main blade of the Fusion Swords changes into its completed assembly form.

Ex-Burst Edit

超究武神覇斬/Omnislash - An attack slicing the opponent over and over. Repeatedly press circle to raise the gauge.

Ex-Bonus Edit

  • Regen - Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.
  • Ultima Weapon (CRUSH) - Each attack becomes even heavier, crushing all attempts at blocking. 
  • Ultima Weapon (ATK) - The higher the user's HP, the sharper the weapon's blade.

Equipment Edit

Cloud wields Swords and Giant Swords as weapons, and for protection he wears Light Armor, Bracelets, Shields, Helmets and Hats.

Exclusive Weapons

Name Level Stats (JP Version) Stats (US Version) Effects (JP Version) Effects (US Version)
バスターソード Buster Sword 1 ATK +5 None.
フォースイーター Force Stealer 50 ATK +38 ATK +37 Physical Damage +10%.Crash BRV Damage +10%. Wall Rush HP Damage +10%.
バタフライエッジ Butterfly Edge 92 ATK +65 ATK +64 Physical Damage +15%.Crash BRV Damage +15%. Wall Rush HP Damage +20%.
フェンリルFenrir 100 ATK +69 Physical Damage +20%.Crash BRV Damage +20%. Wall Rush HP Damage +30%.
Minor Sneak Attack Effect.


  • At the start of Cloud and Sephiroth battle in Destiny Odyssey VII, the camera performs the same close ups seen at the final battle between the two in Final Fantasy VII, as well as in Advent Children.
  • The complete set Allure of Honey includes 4 of the 10 items that Cloud needs in Final Fantasy VII, so that Don Corneo will pick him in the Wall Market.
  • Tidus once states that Cloud picks his battles carefully as his swords looks heavy, while the latter states its not heavy, that he has it as a memento, a reference to [1]Zack who passed on his beliefs in the sword to Cloud as once Zack's deceased mentor and friend Angeal did the same to him.

Trivia Edit

  • As of the 13th cycle of battle, Cloud, at twenty-one years of age, is currently (presumably) the oldest current Warrior of Cosmos, though the Warrior of Light - who has no explicit age - may be older than he is, and previous warriors Jecht, Golbez, and Shantotto were older when they aided Cosmos.
  • Cloud is the only character that has a different weapon for each form and outfit: he uses the Buster Sword and Ultima Weapon for his normal form and EX Mode, and the First Tsurugi and the completed fusion sword assembly for his alternate form and its EX Mode.
  • Cloud and Squall are the only two heroes to openly challenge another hero in their story, for a good reason. Cloud fights Firion to see the strength of his dream.
  • If you look closely at Cloud's Buster Sword, you can clearly see that it has no lines/indentations running across the blade as it was seen in Crisis Core and Advent Children. Also, the dragon-like pattern of the Crisis Core/Advent Children incarnation is not seen. It looks exactly like the original Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Cloud is storylinewise the first character to gain his crystal according to Destiny Odyssey 38.
  • According to Cloud and Terra's biodata, they are of the same height, at 5' 7", but Cloud appears to be taller than Terra in some cutscenes. The reason is, in JP edition, Terra's official height is 160 cm, which is about 5' 3".
  • Cloud is to learn all three levels of a spell - in this case, Fire, Fira, and Firaga. However, in Final Fantasy VII, Cloud debuted without the Fire Materia; he instead began with the Thunder and Ice Materia. Also, the Fire-based spells that Cloud uses aren't based on the ones from Final Fantasy VII, rather, they are equivalent to the spells from Crisis Core. This is becase the spell names were retconned.
  • Cloud is the only character who is allied with two groups of heroes; he is first allied with Firion, Cecil, and Tidus, then goes on his own to defeat Sephiroth, later joins up with Terra and the Onion Knight, and then goes back to his original group.
  • While performing his EX Burst, Cloud declares he's "breaking [his] limits," [like Tifa] a clear reference to the use of his Limit Break.
  • Cloud is the only hero who doesn't fight another villain other than his own in his storyline.
  • Cloud is the only hero to actually question why he is fighting.
  • Cloud's final weapon "Fenrir," is a reference to his Motorbike from Advent Children. The name first appeared in Dirge of Cerberus, when Cloud talks to the bike before going to fight Deepground with Vincent Valentine and the rest of the original cast. There is a similarly named weapon in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Cloud's crystal is a Materia piece, and, due to its light green colouring, it is thought to be the White Materia, which plays a large role in the Final Fantasy VII, where its Holy magic directly counters the Meteor summoned by Sephiroth's Black Materia.
  • Cloud's Idle pose and running animation, as well as several of his attacks are all similar to Zack Fair in Crisis Core.
  • Cloud's victory quote "I won't sleep well tonight," is a homage to Crisis Core and Zack Fair, who has a similar line during the Wutai portion of the storyline.
  • Both Cloud and Sephiroth's quotes during the Cutscene before the final battle are extremely similar to their quotes during the final battle in Advent Children.
  • Only one of Cloud's swords from the original Final Fantasy VII does not appear in Dissidia: The Yoshiyuki katana. All the others appear, though some have been renamed, such as Organics becoming Ogrenix. The Yoshiyuki katana, however, appears in Dissidia 012 as an exclusive weapon for Gilgamesh.
  • Cloud's EX Burst Omnislash is the strongest in the game, assuming he has full HP when using it.

CG RendersEdit


A line of Trading Art Figures Vol.1 released in early 2009 and Potions released on December 9,2008 by Square Enix included Cloud Strife. A Tumbler was also released in addition. Square Enix has decided to release a Cloud Strife 'Action Figure' in July 2011, which will feature his 'Normal' outfit. Cloud's Dissidia form was added in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. Cloud also featured in two of the wallscrolls of Dissidia. Once appearing in Cosmos side and then appearing in Choas side the other time. A shirt that featured weapons from Dissdia also included Cloud's Buster Sword.

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