Cosmos as she appears on the game's logo.

Cosmos is the Goddess of Harmony who opposes Chaos, God of Discord. Before Dissidia: Final Fantasy takes place, Cosmos and Chaos fought once before. Cosmos was unable to unite the power of the Crystals and was defeated by Chaos. Her power is taken from her in the form of the 10 crystals. She summons the heroes in an attempt to restore balance to the world and regain her powers.

She is voiced by Sumi Shimamoto and in English she is voiced by Kathleen McInerney.


Amano Artwork of Cosmos

Cosmos Unites the Heroes Edit

Cosmos summons the heroes in order to repel and ultimately defeat Chaos and the villains. Cosmos, severely weakened by the first battle between herself and Chaos, attempts to aid each of the heroes in reclaiming their respective crystals. However, as the heroes were once united, they are dispersed in the world of Dissidia: Final Fantasy, while they each reclaim their crystals.

The heroes are successful and reunite the 10 crystals. However, just as they approach Cosmos' Throne, Chaos appears and kills Cosmos. The attempt to strengthen Cosmos fails, and the heroes are given a new mission: To defeat Chaos.

Appearances in the game Edit

  1. Cosmos is seen with Cecil, after his meeting with Golbez in Destiny Odyssey IV. She is seen talking to Cecil about what Golbez had said earlier.
  2. Cosmos is seen talking with the heroes after all 10 crystals have been collected, only to be killed by Chaos moments later.
  3. In the opening video, a cloud over the heroes forms in the shape of Cosmos as seen on the game's logo.
  4. Cosmos is seen in the Prologue story, where she guides the Warrior of Light to see her at the throne. She also speaks to all the heroes, urging them to find the Crystals to power her up and defeat Chaos. She is reported to have lost a battle with Chaos whilst the 1st battle between the Heroes and Villains was taking place.
  5. After unlocking all the Chaos and Cosmos Reports, the player gets to see an extra scene where Cosmos is revealed to be alive, talking to Garland's adoptive father Cid of the Lufaine.
  6. In a flashback, Cosmos is seen with Shantotto. Shantotto is gearing up for a fight against Gabranth to protect Cosmos from him.
  7. After the Gabranth and Shantoto scene the story resumes to where Cosmos is sitting. as the heroes walk up to her she stands up but as there still walking. The ending scene where Cosmos died shows that she stands only after Warrior of Light stops walking.
  8. Cosmos is also seen in Destiny Odyssey III , appearing before and speaking to Onion Knight while he's thinking of a way to save Terra.
  9. Ultimecia also impersonates Cosmos twice during Squall's Destiny Odessey. He only realizes this upon her second approach.

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