Dagger is a weapon that can be equipped by Firion, The Emperor, Onion Knight, Bartz Klauser, Terra Branford, Ultimecia, Zidane Tribal, Kuja, and Gabranth. Other characters can only use a Dagger if they trade a Thief Lore and pay 1000 gil to the Shop to learn Equip Daggers, and equip it.

Daggers specialize in adding Initial EX Force, changing the percentage done from 15% upwards to 30%.

The Japanese letters to recognize a Dagger are 短剣.

Daggers (短剣)
Japanese Name English Name Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Bonus Notes
ナイフ Knife ATK+3 1 Shop 450 gil

トリトンダガー Triton's Dagger ATK+3 1 Trade Knife (ナイフ) ×1

Power Shard (動力の破片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×2

450 gil

Initial EX Force+15%

ダガー Dagger ATK+8 8 Shop 1,450 gil

ククリ Khukuri ATK+12 15 Shop 3,150 gil

マインゴーシュ Main Gauche ATK+12 15 Trade

5 DP Bonus (DO-IX)

Knife (ナイフ) ×1

Power Shard (動力の破片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×4

3,150 gil

Initial EX Force+15%

メイジマッシャー Mage Masher ATK+17 22 Trade

6 DP Bonus (DO-IX)

Dagger (ダガー) ×1

Resilience Shard (動力の破片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×8

5,500 gil

Initial EX Force+15%

ピアッシングダガー Piercing Dagger ATK+26 36 Shop 10,200 gil

マンイーター Man-Eater ATK+26 36 Trade Triton's Dagger (トリトンダガー) ×1

Black Tiger Fang (黒虎の牙) ×1

10,200 gil

Initial EX Force+15%

エアナイフ Air Knife ATK+35 50 Trade Piercing Dagger (ピアッシングダガー) x1

Great Serpent's Fang (大蛇の牙) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×1

14,910 gil

Initial EX Force+15%

アサシンダガー Assassin's Dagger ATK+43 64 Trade Main Gauche (マインゴーシュ) x1

Mammoth Tusk (古代象の牙) ×3

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×4

19,610 gil

Initial EX Force+20%

オリハルコン Orichalcum Dirk ATK+48 71 Trade Air Knife (エアナイフ) x 1

Mammoth Tusk (古代象の牙) x 6

Orange Gem (オレンジジェム) x 1

21,960 gil

Initial EX Force+20% Orange Gem is obtained through Friend cards.

Valiant Knife ATK+53 78 Shop 29,310 Gil

グラディウス Gladius ATK+61 92 Trade Mage Masher (メイジマッシャー) ×1

Beastlord Fang (竜王の牙) ×5

Orange Gem (オレンジジェム) ×1

29,020 gil

Initial EX Force+25% Orange Gem is obtained through Friend cards.

ゾーリンシェイプ Zwill Crossblade ATK+66 99 Trade Air Knife (エアナイフ) ×1

Maduin's Fang (マディーンの牙) ×5

31,370 gil

Initial EX Force+30%

Adamant Knife ATK+66 99 Trade Orichalcum Dirk ×1

Adamantite (マディーンの牙) ×1

31,370 gil

Initial EX Force+30%

Adamant Chains (1/3)

Adamantite is obtained through Inward Chaos's DP Bonus or trading Pink Tails from Duel Colosseum - Lunar Whale.

Lufenian Dagger ATK+66 99+ Duel Colosseum

Wisdom of Lufenia(1/3) Blackjack Course
チキンナイフ Chicken Knife ATK+66 99 Trade Libra Recipe (リーブラレシピ) x1

Omega Badge (オメガの勲章) x1

Sphere (スフィア) x1

31,370 gil

BRV Boost on Quickmove+2% Trade accessories are password obtained.