Destiny Points (DP) correspond to the amount of moves a character makes and are only found in the Story Mode option of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Upon starting a new chapter, the character is granted a certain amount of DP based on the stage. Leaving the origin square (the current square) causes a loss of 1 DP. Because of this, players must be strategic in choosing their next position, however there is no limit to the amount of moves. At the end of a chapter, a reward is given based on the amount of DP you have left. Additionally, 10 Story Points per DP will be given to the character. However, should the character accumulate negative DP, they will receive a negative bonus to their Story Points, 10 per DP.

Stage Rewards granted by remaining DP vary from chapter to chapter and range from extra PP or Gil to Summoning and Equipment. Additionally, having 7 or more DP per chapter grant the character a Rosetta Stone accessory; when traded in give another accessory slot. Stage Rewards are given to players with non-negative DP.

Gaining More DP Edit

While in Story Mode, certain enemy icons may have "DP CHANCE" which grants the character an opportunity to gain a DP Bonus, adding up to 3 DPs, depending on the icon. In order to gain the DP Bonus, the player must meet a certain requirement pertaining to the fight. These requirements range from preventing the character from being hit or attaining EX-Burst within 10 seconds of the match.


Initial DP Chance Requirements

When the character has progressed further in the story, additional DP Chance requirements are added.

  • End the match with a x8.0 accessory multiplier.
  • Attain a Battle Rise item within X seconds.
  • Attain a Victory within 30 seconds (Like in: Distant Glory - Villain 2-2)

The "Charge Into the Map" requirement actually means to hit your opponent into a wall, be it the edge of the map or an actual wall.