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Final Fantasy II


Kenyuu Horiuchi/Christopher Corey Smith


Trap Maker (Japanese)/Trap Master (English)
Shoot (Japanese) / Marksman (English)

He is a tactical character who can turn the environment against opponents using mines and homing magic attacks. There are many more tricks up his sleeve awaiting careless enemies.


Emperor's design is taken wholesale from Amano's original depiction of the character with no changes. He appears as an effeminate man with pale skin wearing skin-tight yellow and purple armor with a transparent cloth at the waist and high-heel boots. He has blond spiky hair whose length reaches his waist. On his head are a pair of sideways facing horns and a very small purple snake perched in the middle. He wears a long flowing cape with four distinct tails.

Alternate appearanceEdit

  • Silver Despot - Recolors his costume for gray hues to match a concept sketch by Amano
    The Emperor Costumes

    The Emperor Costumes

  • Violet Robe - A second alt in Dissidia 012, based on his appearance in the opening FMV of the PSX version of Final Fantasy II. He now sports smoother, silver hair with some of it still fashioned into the trademark horns and wears a black coat and a violet cape with shoulder pads.
  • Emperor of Arubboth - A DLC costume available through purchase in the Playstation Store. This costume is of his appearance as the "Light Emperor" as seen in the remake of Final Fantasy II, "Soul of Rebirth" where he rules Pandemonium as an allegedly benevolent god contrast of his former self. He dons a pale yellow robe with blue and white lining that bares his arms and chest area. His hair becomes a light blue color with his bangs extended past his chest area. The outfit is completed with a series of angelic wings protruding from his back. His eyes are always closed.

How to UnlockEdit

Buy for 500 PP (Dissidia) or 30 PP (Dissidia 012) from the PP Catalog.

Abilities Edit

Emperor's style is fittingly called Trap Master. Unlike the other characters, Emperor does not confront his enemies directly, but rather, booby traps the entire arena with powerful spell-based attacks that freeze in place, ready to ensnare the unwary. His effectiveness is wholly dependent on the size of the battlefield. Smaller arenas severely limit the opponent's movements while larger arenas can give the Emperor a more dynamic approach to trap emplacement. Unfortunately, the Emperor's spells can also be turned against him if deflected. Tricks that can be used to prevent this are using bombard to re-reflect any flares that have been turned against you, as well as throwing flares away from your opponent by using the attack while locked off. Strategy is the key while playing the Emperor, bide your time and fool your enemies into falling into your traps!

Brave Attacks Edit

Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes
機雷/地雷 Mine/Land Mine Initial Air/Ground 20(10) 90 Mine - Two mines are released upwards and downwards respectively, traveling forward for a short distance and bounces off any surface they touch and suspends in the air.

Land Mine - The Emperor hits the ground with his stave causing two mines to appear from below. These mines come out in random and cannot be moved in any way and will fall they do not land on any solid terrain.

All mines have absorb effect while the enemy is recovering from being attacked. No limit to how many mines can be set. All mines will self-destruct after a period of time, once one of the mines explode, it'll set a chain reaction causing all other nearby mines to explode along.

スティックボム Dynamite Level 5 Ground/Level 29~37 Air Air/Ground 30(15) 120 Using this will cause the Emperor to stay put while charging an energy ball on the tip of his stave, while charging, the direction whereby this ball will be fired at can be aimed by moving the Analog stick(or D-pad if selected in Options). This ball will then travel a long distance or stick onto any surface it touches along it's wake. This energy ball has a strong absorb effect and will deal constant BRV damage while it holds the target in place and eventually explode to deal large BRV damage.
光の紋章 Light Crest Initial Air/Level 28 Ground Air/Ground 30(15) 180 The Emperor draws a crest of light in the air which travels forward for a small distance and fixes itself in position. If the enemy were to stray near in front of it, this crest fires off four purple bullets that have extremely strong homing capability and ricochets on any surface it bounces off making it work even better in small maps. Only one crest is allowed to be alive at a time.
雷の紋章 Thunder Crest Initial Ground 30(15) 120 The Emperor draws an insignia of light on the ground that propels forward for a set distance and fixes itself in position. This crest will activate and release electricity if the enemy comes close to it, holding him in place while dealing weak BRV damage, rendering him helpless. During this period of time the target cannot be knocked back, allowing the Emperor to chain many attacks during the duration of the skill. This can be used to stop any approaching HP attack such as Braver, Rough Divide, Almagest, Octaslash, Havoc Wing and more. Only one instance is allowed on the map at once, using another will replace previous cast.
ボムアタック Bombard 10 Ground 30(15) 120 The Emperor swings his staff and attaches two mines on the enemy which explodes after a period of time if the swing connects. It has extremely short reach despite the fast execution and crushes normal Guard. Enables the Emperor to enter Chase mode. This can be used to deflect a Flare that has been deflected by the enemy or set off by another Emperor. This can be used to defend against HP attacks such as Braver, Rough Divide, Octaslash, Soul Eater, Havoc Wing, however causing the Emperor to stagger.

HP Attacks Edit

Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes
フレア Flare Initial Ground 40(20) 180 A slow-moving pale blue projectile that homes in on the enemy, and gives you time to set up. It will negate almost any projectile thrown at you. It also comes out fast, making it a good counter to enemies who try to dash at you. Flare will also continue to move and can hit the enemy out of chase mode. However, it can be reflected by almost certain HP attacks of every character, such as Cloud's Cross Slash. If reflected, it will attempt to follow you, and if it strikes you, it deals damage equal to your BP.
フレア Flare Initial Air 40(20) 180 An orange version of the grounded Flare. Remains stationary after used and can act as a shield. Can be penetrated by HP attacks. This move is only available in the US and European versions
いんせき Starfall 19(Ground)
51 (Air)
Air/Ground 40(20) 300 During the charge animation, you can only float around slowly which leaves you completely open. It takes 10 seconds to charge but you can interrupt it by letting go of square. Once charged, Emperor unleashes a giant meteor spell upon his foe and it is nigh unescapable. Also, can be chained into thunder crest if the enemy hits the ground and the Emperor is close enough to cast it upon their recovery animation.

EX ModeEdit

Power of Hellfire - The Emperor assumes his Emperor of Hell form witnessed at the end of Final Fantasy II. His build and armor become more bulky and his face gains demonic, inhuman features.


Regen - Regenerates health over time.

Blood Magic - Similar to Firion's Blood Weapons, the Emperor can sap HP from his opponent and add it to his own if he connects with an HP attack. Recovery is proportionate to the HP damage dealt, excluding Wall Rush HP damage. (Ex: When landing 1000+500 (Wall Rush) HP damage you'll only regenerate 1000 HP instead of 1500.)

EX BurstEdit

Absolute Dominion - Input Button Commands as they appear on screen. The Emperor conjures up a cyclone as he gathers energy. The cyclone dissipates and a Spiritual version of his original form appears, using the Entice spell to shock the enemy repeatedly. The original form dissapears, replaced by a Gigantic version of his Demonic Self, which then, after gathering energy for a final blow, causes a small explosion and the HP Damage to occur. If you input the wrong commands, or simply fail to press the buttons, he will instead simply cast Cyclone.

Equipment Edit

Weapons: Daggers, swords, rods and staves. Body: Robes and Clothing, Hand: Bracelets, Head: Headdress and Hats

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Japanese Name English Name Level Stats Notes
ダイヤメイス Diamond Mace 53 HP +185, ATK +35, DEF +1 EX Intake Range +2m
デモンズロッド Demon's Rod 95 HP +290, ATK +62, DEF +1 EX Intake Range +4m
マティウスの悪意 Mateus's Malice 100 HP +307, ATK +67, DEF +1 EX Intake Range +6m
Minor Anti-EX Effect

Gallery Edit

Costumes Edit

1. Original- Amano's Concept Artwork..

2. Extra- Purchase for 300 PP at the PP Shop, Takes on a white scheme like the poster art of Final Fantasy II.

3. EX Mode- Transforms into Hell's Emperor.

4. Extra EX Mode- Transforms into Hell's Emperor with a white scheme.

Tips and Tricks Edit

- Place one Lightning Crest on the air so that the center circle in the middle does not touch any ground, you will then be able to place another one regularly along the ground after. With this you can cover any holes while being able to freely use the second Lightning Crest for anything else you need.

- An effective counter is when you trap an enemy with Thunder Crest, move to their position and use a Ground Mine. You can delay launching the mines until near the end of the duration of Thunder Crest. This should result in very respectable damage if done properly. Also works better if done to an opponent you just caused to stagger. Effective with Crit enhancing abilities like Riposte, Counter Attack and Sneak Attack.

- Litter Aerial Mines all over a small tight battlefield like pandemonium, then execute Light Crest attack. If it connects, chances are your opponent will start bouncing off mines and receiving excellent damage.

- The best way to protect yourself during Starfall is to prepare beforehand. Position yourself somewhere nice and covered but not too cramped. Let out both Flares, use both of the Crests and keep the area littered with Mines.

- Plant a thundercrest and litter mines all around it (aerial and land), then fire a dynamite shot in the center to drag the enemy into it. Fire your flares to make their life miserable, and cast starfall in the center of the thundercrest to be the best camper possible.

- A good way to deal HP damage with Emperor is to get your opponent caught in either Dynamite or Thunder Crest. While they are taking damage from this attack, you can walk up to them and hit them with Flare. They will be unable to avoid the hit.

- A trick to protect the Emperor when he is fighting Chaos, the game's final boss, is to cast an aerial Flare, which will stay still in the NA release. The Flare deters Chaos, so players can "hide" inside this Flare and completely cast Starfall.

- A good way to del HP damage and bravery damage is to successfully hit with starfall, dash towards the opponent as fast as possible (multi-airslide+ works best) and wait for the attack to hit. If it hits while they are above solid ground, they will then take damage from hitting the ground and be staggered long enough to put a thundercrest right underneath them. This will deal critical damage (as bravery will be zero immediately after starfall), usually causing break and allowing for a flare. If you can't cause a break, fire a landmine at the end to devastate their bravery.

- Opponents (especially human player) can evade Starfall now. If this happens, go dash towards them and throw some traps (dynamite, mine air - maybe optionally a flare). Do this as soon as Emperor has casted the Starfall and starfall starts falling. If you succeed, your opponent can't evade the final giant meteor and still receive HP attack + guard crush.

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