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Final Fantasy XII


Akio Ohtsuka/Keith Ferguson



Judge Gabranth (Jap: Gaburasu) makes a guest appearance in the game as a villain representing the series Final Fantasy XII. Judge Gabranth specializes in damage during his EX-Form. Unlike most characters, Judge Gabranth does not have any HP attacks that deal damage in his normal form. However, he is unique because he is able to charge his EX Gauge without collecting EX-Force or EX-Cores. While in his EX-Form, Judge Gabranth's attacks are amplified and gains unique HP attacks. He also receives a speed increase in both movement and attack.

How to UnlockEdit

Complete all Destiny Odyssey stories and all 4 Shade Impulse chapters to unlock Distant Glory - Villains. Complete this to unlock him for 1000PP in the PP Catalog.

His alternate costume features him in black armor, a color reference of Basch's armor in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, or his armor color in his Amano art. You can buy for 300PP in the PP Catalog. His Manikin version, Warrior of Antiquity, is gold.


Gabranth's appearance is unchanged from the original game. Returning to the tradition of older Final Fantasy villains, he appears as an intimidating figure whose body is covered from head to toe in gray heavy armor and a black cape, although he is relatively smaller than the usual armored villains that tend to dwarf all other characters. His helmet features short horns that curve forward, similar to a goat. Unlike most armored villains, his helmet is removed from time to time, revealing a stern-looking man with short blond hair.

Alternate appearanceEdit

Dark Steel Armor - Gabranth's first alternate costume recolors his armor to a black sheen to resemble Amano's take on the Archadian Judges

Captain's Gear - In Dissidia 012, Gabranth gains a new costume that makes him appear identical to Basch, featuring longer hair and wearing the Dalmascan officer's uniform. Though at first sight many would identify him as a character swap of Gabranth, it is in fact based on Gabranth impersonating his brother at the start of the game.


Gabranth does not have any HP attacks outside of his EX Mode that deal damage except for the one in Chase Mode. However, Gabranth is unique because he can charge his EX-Gauge without EX-Force or EX-Cores. Gabranth's attacks are heavily focused on knocking the enemy backwards while outside of EX-Mode, creating a defensive gameplay. However, when EX-Mode is unleashed, Gabranth becomes more aggressive by assaulting the enemy with high-speed attacks and strong knockback.

Gabranth is quite slow in movement, but his attack compensates for this. Gabranth is a unique character, with his own personal set of armor and weapon for himself, which is based on increasing his EX gauge. His speed during within EX mode is extremely fast, with his attacks as fast, if not, faster than Onion Knight. His EX mode attacks consists of either long or short ranged, but his attacks are mostly melee based, it is suggested that users should aim for close range combat, since his long ranged attacks are easily dodged.

Normal ModeEdit

Brave AttacksEdit

Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes
センテンス Sentence Initial(Ground) 23(Air) Ground/Air 20 120 (Ground) / 180 (Air) Gabranth rushes forward and strikes the enemy for four hits. Medium knockback.
体当たり Lunge 5 Ground 20 120 Gabranth links his weapon and rushes forward for one hit. Medium knockback.
ジャッジマント Circle of Judgment Initial Air 20 180 Gabranth spins drawing the enemy slightly for one hit. Medium Knockback.

HP AttacksEdit

Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes
EXチャージ EX Charge Initial Ground/Air 20 300 Gabranth concentrates and increases his EX-Gauge gradually. Keep Square held for longer duration. Note: If Gabranth initiates this move in the air, it will end as soon as he touches ground..

EX ModeEdit

Brave AttacksEdit

Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes
アグレッサー Enrage Initial Ground 30 140 Gabranth assaults the enemy with 4 hits from each blade, ending in a combined strike. High Knockback.
エアロ Aero Initial Ground/Air 20 140 Gabranth waves his weapon creating a cyclone that travels slowly towards the opponent. Chase Effect.
連続体当たり Relentless Lunge 15 Ground 30 140 Gabranth combines his weapons and rushes towards the opponent for three hits. Chase Effect.
二刀連斬 Dual Rend 30 Air 30 140 Gabranth charges towards the opponent for one hit then strikes simultaneously with both blades. Very fast execution. High Knockback.
集中突破 Rupture 28 Air 30 140 With his weapons combined, Gabranth rushes upwards or downwards towards opponent, knocking them back towards the respective direction.
ジャッジマント・マスター Vortex of Judgment Initial Air 30 140 Gabranth draws the enemy in by spinning his weapon. Hits 5 times total with Chase Effect.

HP AttacksEdit

Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes
イノセンス Innocence Initial Ground/Air 40 180 Gabranth charges his weapons then releases 4 cresent-shaped blades towards the enemy. Note: While in the air, the blades will arc downwards and you may glide during the attack. In the ground it will guard some projectiles during the attack.
エグゼクション Guilt 51 Ground 40 300 Gabranth rushes forward for one hit knocking the enemy back towards an exploding rift created by Gabranth's weapons.
ヘイトレッド Hatred Initial Air 40 180 Gabranth focuses inward, creating a sphere of energy surrounding him. Hold Square to increase charge time and blast radius. It allows you to slowly float around and sucks in opponents while it's charging.


Mist - Gabranth's stance changes as he detaches his weapon into its dual blade state. He now wears his helmet as well

EX BonusesEdit

Regen - Regenerates HP over time.

Stray's Tenacity - Gabranth's abilities experience a dramatic increase in power and his style also experiences a transformation as well. He also gains new attacks as well as HP attacks to use. Lastly, he gets a boost in running speed.

EX BurstEdit

Awakening / Quickening - Gabranth's EX Burst consists of a linkable series of attacks that appear as slightly altered versions of Basch's Quickenings in Final Fantasy XII:

Basch's versions in FFXII: Fulminating Darkness -> Ruin Impendent -> Flame Purge

Gabranth's versions in Dissidia: Fulminating Oblivion -> Ruin Unflinching -> Frost Purge

The lower-right screen will display a scrolling timer. Gabranth will immediately use Fulminating Oblivion. To correctly finish the EX Burst, the player must press R to shuffle through the list of attacks. If the player presses X when the image appears next to the attack, they will activate it. (Certain attacks will never be available to activate; this is normal. It adds to the nostalgia that is a Quickening.) Since there are 3 attacks, there are three finishers. If the player presses nothing, Gabranth will activate Inferno. Once, Ark Blast. Twice, Black Hole.

NOTE: While the first three attacks (Fulminating Oblivion, Ruin Unflinching, Frost Purge) damage Bravery, the finishers (Inferno, Ark Blast, Black Hole) will only deal HP damage.


Gabranth can wield swords, daggers, and great swords as weapons, and for protection he wears shields, gauntlets, Highway Star, helms, heavy armor and light armor.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Japanese Name English Name Level Stats Notes
エビルスレイヤー Demonsbane 50 ATK +36 EX Mode Duration +20%
デスブリンガー Deathbringer 92 ATK +63 EX Mode Duration +30%
カオスブレイド Chaos Blade 100 ATK +68 EX Mode Duration +40%
Minor Counterattack Effect



  • When Gabranth activates his EX Burst, he takes the position of his artwork on the cover of the Final Fantasy XII game.
  • All of Gabranth's Exclusive Weapons are named after weapons from FFXII.
  • Along with Garland, Onion Knight, Zidane and Bartz, Gabranth is capable of dual wielding, his case during Ex Mode in fully armored form.
  • Gabranth and Garland are the only two villains not to morph during Ex Mode.
  • Also like Garland, Gabranth fights by changing the shape of his weapons.

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