Giant Sword / Greatsword is a weapon that can be equipped by Warrior of Light, Garland, Firion, Cecil Harvey, Golbez, Bartz Klauser, Cloud Strife, Jecht, and Gabranth. Other Characters can only use a Greatsword if they trade Knight Lore and pay 1000 gil to the Shop to learn Equip Greatswords, and equip it.

Greatswords specialize in adding Physical Damage, changing the percentage done from 10% upwards to 25%.

The Japanese letters to recognize a Greatsword are 大剣.

Greatswords (大剣)
Japanese Name English Name Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Bonus Notes
ロングソード Longsword ATK+5 1 Shop 1,830 gil

ハードブレイカー Hardedge ATK+5 1 Trade Longsword (ロングソード) ×1

Gale Shard (疾風の破片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×2

1,830 gil

Physical Damage+10%

グレートソード Greatsword ATK+10 8 Shop 2,830 gil

ツバイハンダー Zweihander ATK+14 15 Trade Longsword (ロングソード) ×1

Gale Shard (疾風の破片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×4

4,520 gil

Physical Damage+10%

フランベルジュ Flamberge ATK+19 22 Trade Greatsword (グレートソード) ×1

Oath Shard (約束の破片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×8

6,870 gil

Physical Damage+10%

クレイモア Claymore ATK+23 29 Shop 9,230 gil

インフェルノソード Inferno Sword ATK+28 36 Trade Hardedge (ハードブレイカー) ×1

Unknown's Bone (正体不明の骨) ×1

11,580 gil

Physical Damage+10%

オーガニクス Ogrenix ATK+37 50 Trade Zweihander (ツバイハンダー) x1

Gigas Bone (魔人の骨) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×1

16,280 gil

Physical Damage+10%

Nail Bat ATK+41 57 Duel Colosseum Force of the Resolute Falcon Course

アポカリプス Apocalypse ATK+50 71 Trade Flamberge (フランベルジュ) x1

Wargod Bone (戦神の骨) x3

Yellow Gem (イエロージェム) x1

23,340 gil

Physical Damage+15% Yellow Gem is obtained through Friend cards.

Royal Swordsman's Blade ATK+55 78 Shop 35,310 gil

ラグナロク Ragnarok ATK+68 99 Trade Apocalypse (アポカリプス) x1

Hero's Bone (英雄の骨) x5

32,750 gil

Physical Damage+25%

Lufenia's Edge ATK+68 99+ Duel Colosseum Wisdom of Lufenia(1/3) Blackjack Course