Head Armor specifically increases BRV at the cost of HP, excluding Helms and Hats. Helms increase DEF by 1.

There are 7 categories of Head Armor, which are usable by different characters.

There are also Exclusive Head Armors and a Special Head Armor, which don't belong to the above categories.

Helm (兜) Edit

Helms specialize in adding Chase BRV Defense, increasing defense to 20%.

Helm (兜)
Japanese Name English Name Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Bonus Notes
壊れた兜 Charred Helm BRV-46 1 N/A N/A Manikins only

ブロンズヘルム Bronze Helm BRV+25


1 Shop 780 gil

いやしの兜 Healing Helmet BRV+37


1 Trade Bronze Helm (ブロンズヘルム) ×1

Guts Shard(勇気の破片)×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×2


Chase BRV Defense+20%

アイアンヘルム Iron Helm BRV+41


8 Shop 1,280 gil

ナイトヘルム Knight Helm BRV+57


15 Shop 2,120 gil

バルビュータ Barbut BRV+73


15 Trade Bronze Helm (ブロンズヘルム) ×1

Guts Shard(勇気の破片)×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×4

2,120 gil

Chase BRV Defense+20%

ミスリルヘルム Mythril Helm BRV+73


22 Trade Iron Helm (アイアンヘルム) ×1

Mythril (ミスリル) ×1

3,300 gil

Mystic Mythril (1/3)

フライングヘルム Winged Helm BRV+73


22 Trade Iron Helm x1

Crimson Shard x1

Transmogridust x8

3300 gil

Chase BRV Defense+20%

ミスリルヘルム+ Mythril Helm + BRV+73


8 Trade Mythril Helm (ミスリルヘルム) ×1

Geranium (ゼラニウム) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×2

3,300 gil

Mystic Mythril (1/3)

ラージヘルム Heavy Helm BRV+89


29 Shop 4,480 gil

ゴールドヘルム Golden Helm BRV+104


36 Trade Knight Helm (ナイトヘルム) ×1

Gold (ゴールド) ×1

5,650 gil

Glorious Gold (1/3)

ゴールドヘルム+ Golden Helm + BRV+104


22 Trade Golden Helm (ゴールドヘルム) ×1

White Stone (白の石) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×3

5,650 gil

Glorious Gold (1/3)

ブルゴネット Burgonet BRV+104


36 Trade Healing Helm (いやしの兜) ×1

Black Stone (黒の石) ×1

5,650 gil

武士の魂 Samurai Spirit BRV+145


43 Shade Impulse N/A Uniter (1/4)

サーリット Sallet BRV+121


43 Shop 6,830 gil

ダイヤヘルム Diamond Helm BRV+137


50 Trade Heavy Helm (ラージヘルム) ×1

Diamond (ダイヤ) ×1

8,000 gil

Dazzling Diamond (1/3)

ダイヤヘルム+ Diamond Helm + BRV+137


36 Trade Diamond Helm (ダイヤヘルム) ×1

Black Stone (黒の石) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×4

8,000 gil

Dazzling Diamond (1/3)

クロスヘルム Close Helmet BRV+153


57 Trade Sallet (サーリット) ×1

Levistone (浮遊石) ×1

Mako Stone (魔晄石) ×2

9,180 gil

クリスタルヘルム Crystal Helm BRV+169


64 Trade Sallet (サーリット) ×1

Crystal (クリスタル) ×1

Dewdrop Pebble (しずく石) ×3

10,360 gil

Blessed Crystal (1/3)

プラチナヘルム Platinum Helm BRV+184


71 Trade Barbut (バルビュータ) ×1

Stone of the Condemner (断罪の魔石) ×3

Healing Powder (オレンジジェム) ×4

11,530 gil

ドラゴンヘルム Dragon's Crest BRV+200


78 Trade Close Helmet (クロスヘルム) ×1

Wyrmstone (竜石) ×3

Mana Shard (魔力の破片) ×1

12,710 gil

Whisper of the Wyrm (1/3)

巨人の兜 Giant's Helmet BRV+217


85 Trade Platinum Helm (プラチナヘルム) ×1

Blessed Gem (聖なる魔石) ×4

Destruction Shard (破壊の破片) ×1

13,880 gil

Pride of the Titans (1/3)

カエサルヘルム Kaiser Helm BRV +233


92 Trade Winged Helm (フライングヘルム) ×1

Goddess's Magicite (女神の魔石) ×5

Lithe Crystal (柔の結晶) ×3

15,060 gil

グランドヘルム Grand Helm BRV+249


99 Trade Giant's Helm (巨人の兜) ×1

Supreme Gem (至高の魔石) ×5

16,240 gil

アダマンヘルム Adamant Helm BRV+249


99 Trade Crystal Helm (クリスタルヘルム) ×1

Adamantite (アダマンタイト) ×1

16,240 gil

Adamant Chains (1/3)

ルフェインヘルム Lufenian Helm BRV+249


99 Duel Colosseum N/A Wisdom of Lufenia (1/3) Blackjack Course

源氏の兜 Genji Helm BRV+249


99 Trade Heike's Helm (平家の兜) ×1

Supreme Gem (至高の魔石) ×5

Chaos Crystal (混沌の結晶) ×2

16,240 gil

Soul of Yamato (1/3)

Hairpin (髪飾り) Edit

Hairpins specialize in adding BRV Recovery, increasing recovery from 25% to 75%.

Hairpin (髪飾り)
Japanese Name English Name Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Bonus Notes
かんざし Hairpin HP-97


15 Shop 1850 gil

イクステンション Extension HP-115


22 Trade Hairpin (かんざし) ×1

Aquamarine (アクアマリン) ×1

3,020 gil

BRV Recovery+25%

Mythril Hairpin HP-115


22 Trade Hairpin (かんざし) x1

Mythril x1

3020 gil

Mystic Mythril (1/3)

ティアラ Tiara HP-132


29 Shop 4,200 gil

金の髪飾り+ Gold Hairpin + HP-150


22 Trade Gold Hairpin (金の髪飾り) ×1

Emerald (エメラルド) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×3

5,380 gil

Glorious Gold (1/3)

金の髪飾り Gold Hairpin HP-167


43 Trade Hairpin (かんざし) ×1

Gold (ゴールド) ×1

6,550 gil

Glorious Gold (1/3)

ラミアのティアラ Lamia's Tiara HP-220


64 Trade Tiara (ティアラ) ×1

Opal (オパール) ×3

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×5

10,080 gil

BRV Recovery+50%

ねこみみフード Cat-ear Hood HP-237


71 Trade Lamia's Tiara (ラミアのティアラ) ×1

Topaz (トパーズ) ×3

Bless Powder (レッドジェム) ×4

11,260 gil

ヒュプノクラウン Hypnocrown HP-272


85 Trade Cat-ear Hood (ねこみみフード) ×1

Holystone (ホーリーストーン) ×4

Healing Shard (いやしの破片) ×1

13,610 gil

BRV Recovery+75%

サークレット Circlet HP-290


92 Trade Hypnocrown (ヒュプノクラウン) ×1

Lapis Lazuli (ラピスラズリ) ×5

Oath Crystal (約束の結晶) ×3

14,780 gil

BRV Recovery+75%

ルフェインの髪留め Lufenian Hairpin HP-307 BRV+370 99 Duel Colosseum Wisdom of Lufenia (1/3) Blackjack Course

ロイヤルクラウン Royal Crown HP-307


99 Trade Circlet (サークレット) ×1

Sky Jewel (天上の宝玉) x5

15,960 gil

いばらの冠 Thornlet BRV+500

BRV Boost on Dodge-3%

BRV Boost on Block-5%

99 Trade Leo Recipe (レオレシピ) x1

Delicious Fish (うまい魚) x1

Nethicite (破魔石) x1

15,960 gil

BRV Boost on Dodge-3%

BRV Boost on Block-5%

Trade accessories are password obtained.

帽子 Hat Edit

Firion,Emperor,Onion Knight,Cloud of Darkness,Terra Bradford,Kefka Palazzo,Cloud Strife,Squall,Ultimecia,Kuja,Tidus,Jecht,Shantotto,Bartz Klauser

Hat (帽子)
Japanese Name Item Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Notes
皮の帽子 Leather Hat BRV +48 1 Shop 500gil
羽根つき帽子 Plumes Hat BRV +68 8 Shop 1,000gil
三角帽子 Wizard's Hat BRV +108 22 Shop 3,020gil
グリーンベレー Green Beret BRV +108 22 Trade Wizard's Hat(三角帽子)×1

Bird Feather(鳥の羽)×1 3,020gil

BRV Boost on Dodge+5%
コック帽 Cook Hat BRV +128 29 Lv:1~30 Colosseum Dining Table of Love (1/4)
ベレー帽 Beret BRV +148 36 Shop 5,380gil
レッドキャップ Red Cap BRV +189 50 Trade Wizard's Hat(三角帽子)×1

Giant Feather(巨鳥の羽)×1 Transmogridust(変化の粉)×1 7,730gil

ねじり鉢巻 Headband BRV +209 57 Trade Beret(ベレー帽)×1

Fallen Angel Feather(堕天使の羽)×1 Demon Feather(悪魔の羽)×2 8,900gil

闘魂ハチマキ Fighting Spirit Headband BRV +209 57 Lv:31~60 Colosseum Inevitable Death of the Evening Dew (1/4)
ルビカンテの頭巾 Rubicante's Hood BRV +229 64 Lv:31~60 Colosseum The Big Four (1/4)
タイガーマスク Tiger Mask BRV +269 78 Trade Red Cap(レッドキャップ)×1

Wyvern Wing(飛竜の翼)×3 White Gem(ホワイトジェム)×1 12,430gil

BRV Boost on Dodge+5%

White Gem can be droped from Friend Card.

ルフェイン帽 Lufein Hat BRV +304 78 Lv:61~90 Colosseum Lufein Intelligence (1/4)
シーフの帽子 Thief's Cap BRV +290 85 Trade Headband(ねじり鉢巻)×1

Sacred Beast Wing(聖獣の翼)×4 Strength Shard(力の破片)×1 13,810gil

Drop Rate x 1.2
黒頭巾 Black Cowl BRV +310 92 Trade Tiger Mask(タイガーマスク)×1

Garuda's Wing(ガルーダの翼)×5 Allure Crystal(魅惑の結晶)×3 14,780gil

デュエルマスク Dueling Mask BRV +330 99 Trade Thief's Cap(シーフの帽子)×1

Bahamut's Wing(バハムートの翼)×5 15,960gil

花の冠 Crown of Flowers BRV +330 99 Lv:91~130 Colosseum Snow, Moon and Flowers (1/3)
Lufenian Cap BRV +330 99+ Duel Colosseum Blackjack Course Wisdom of Lufenia (1/3)

専用 Character Specific Edit

Character Specific (専用)
Japanese Name Item Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Notes Character
リボン Ribbon HP -255

BRV +303

78 Trade Cat-ear Hood(ねこみみフード)×1

Wyvern Wing(飛竜の翼)×3



Accessory Breakability-20% Bartz Klauser,Terra Bradford,Kefka Palazzo,Shantotto

Ribbon Category of Equipment (リボン)

暗黒の兜 Dark Helm BRV +37


1 Power of Darkness (1/4) Cecil Harvey
ブロンドのかつら Blonde Wig BRV+169 43 Trade Ruby (ルビー)×5

Allure Shard(魅惑の破片)×2


Allure of Honey (1/4) Cloud,Kefka Palazzo

All Female Characters

Disc BRV +290 85 Lv:61~90 Colosseum Kappa Bonus (1/4) Everyone
ドリル Drill HP -307

BRV +411

96 Trade Mallet(とんかち)×1

Behemoth Horn(ベヒーモスの角)×5


Accessory Breakability +5%

Chase BRV Damage+30%

Warrior of Light,Garland,Onion Knight,Cecil Harvey,Golbez,Exdeath

Mechanic Category of Equipment (機械)