How to Unlock Edit

In Quick Battle once you've fought a battle held to a ruleset,you may unlock them from the (PP Catalog) .

Cosmos Judgment Edit

Based on the Goddess of Harmony. This ruleset aligns to supporting either player in combat and allows for longer duration battles, giving them one last stand

  • Merciful Touch - When a combatant's HP reaches the critical point, their EX Gauge is filled up instantly
  • Retribution's Path - When a combatant suffers Break that will ensure their opponent's victory, their Summonstone is restored.
  • Divine Protection - When the opposing player enters EX Mode, the combatant's Assist Gauge will not be depleted.

Chaos Judgment Edit

Based on the God of Discord. This ruleset leans on the essence of battle, reveling on carnage, recommended for experienced players who wish to keep the battle going or for quicker end results

  • Invitation to Destruction - When enough time has past from battle start ... ...both players critical hit rate and damage dealt is increased!
  • Coward's Punishment - When a player refrains from attacking for too long... ...his movements are halted for a short time!

Double Judgment Edit

It applies both Cosmos and Chaos Judgment. This allows for longer and much more hectic battles.