Katana is a weapon that can be equipped by Garland, Firion, Bartz Klauser, and Sephiroth. Other characters can only use a Katana if they trade Samurai Lore Accessory to the Shop and pay 1000 gil to learn Equip Katanas, and equip it.

Katanas specialize in adding EX Intake Range, changing the range done from 2m upwards to 6m.

The Japanese letter to recognize a Katana is .

Katanas (刀)
Japanese Name English Name Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Bonus Notes
戦太刀 War Tachi 6 DP Bonus (SI-2)

太刀 Katana ATK+5 1 Shop 1,000 gil

野太刀 Nodachi ATK+19 24 Trade Katana (太刀) ×1

Large Horn (大角) ×1

6,050 gil

EX Intake Range+2m

打刀 Uchigatana ATK+23 31 Shop 8,400 gil

Warblade ATK+45 45+ Duel Colosseum Uniter(1/4) Falcon Course

菊一文字 Kiku-ichimonji ATK+37 53 Trade Uchigatana (打刀) ×1

Wyvern Horn (ワイバーンの角) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×1

15,460 gil

EX Intake Range+2m

村雨 Murasame ATK+41 60 Trade Kiku-ichimonji (菊一文字) ×1

Lizard Horn (リザードの角) ×1

Taurus Horn (タウルスの角) ×2

17,810 gil

EX Intake Range+3m

平家の刀 Taira Katana/Heike's Blade ATK+55 81 7 DP Bonus (DG (Villains)) The prosperous must decay (1/4),US.version All Glories Must Fade (1/4) Also can obtained Duel Colosseum(Invincible Course) or Quick Battle with the opponent Lv81 and High(Equipment)

風切りの刃 Kazekiri ATK+59 88 Trade Murasame (村雨) ×1

Unicorn Horn (ユニコーンの角) ×4

Orange Gem (オレンジジェム) ×1

27,220 gil

EX Intake Range+4m Orange Gem is obtained through Friend cards.

ルフェインの太刀 Lufenian Katana ATK+68 100+ Duel Colosseum N/A Wisdom of Lufenia (1/4) Blackjack Course

天の叢雲 Heaven's Cloud ATK+68 100 Trade Kazekiri (風切りの刃) ×1

Behemoth Horn (ベヒーモスの角) ×5

31,920 gil

EX Intake Range+6m

こぶたのしない Piggy's Stick BRV+200


100 Trade Capricorn Recipe (カプリコーンレシピ) x1

Tintinnabulum (タマのすず) x1

Strategy Guide (こうりゃくぼん) x1

31,920 gil

BRV Recovery-80% Trade accessories are password obtained.

源氏の刀 Genji Blade ATK+68 100 Trade Heike's Blade (平家の刀) ×1

Behemoth Horn (ベヒーモスの角) ×5

Titan Crystal (巨人の結晶) ×5

31,920 gil

Soul of Yamato (1/3) Buy from PP catalog after beating Inward Chaos once.