Valley of the Moon

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The Lunar Subterrane is an arena in Dissidia Final Fantasy. It is the representative arena of Final Fantasy IV. It consists of a sprawling plain field, one of the biggest arenas in the game. It also has rock formations like boulders and mountains, which are breakable. The Crystal Palace and the Lunar Whale, both from Final Fantasy IV can be seen in the background.

In the Dynamic version most of the stage becomes destructible. Stage destruction adds to the Brave Pool.

Origins Edit

In Final Fantasy IV the Red Moon was one of two moons orbiting the Blue Planet. This second moon was created by the Lunarian race long ago after their planet was destroyed by the Creator. After the evil Lunarian Zemus was sealed in its core, he took control of Golbez and planned to destroy the human race so that the Lunarians could live on the Blue Planet. After preventing this, Cecil Harvey and his companions went to moon, along with Golbez to stop Zemus once and for all.