Planets Core

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Planet's Core is an arena in Dissidia: Final Fantasy. It is the representative arena of Final Fantasy VII. It consists of several rock platforms and rail beams to get from platform to platform. Oddly enough, the Lifestream in the background can be used to wall walk.

The Dynamic version of this stage begins as the standard version of stage with hovering platforms added. Platforms are extremely fragile and will break if an attack touches it or a player dashes into it. After certain conditions are fulfilled the stage converts into an alternate form. All platforms, with the exclusion of the ones just elaborated upon and the bottommost, disappear and several rails appear, all of which converge in an upwards spiral. In the Dynamic version of the stage, the Brave Pool continuously rises in value (similar to WoD), but the effect remains until the end of the match.


In Final Fantasy VII the Northen Crater is the final dungeon of the game. Cloud Strife and his party come here to defeat Jenova and Sephiroth. The platform featured in Dissidia is where the battle against Jenova Synthesis takes place.