Polearm / Spear is a weapon that can be equipped by Garland, Firion, Golbez, Bartz Klauser, and Sephiroth. Other characters can only use a Spear if they trade a Dragoon Lore Accessory to the Shop and pay 1000 gil to learn Equip Spears, and equip it.

Spears specialize in adding Wall Rush BRV Damage, changing the percentage done from 20% upwards to 50%. The downside of Spears is the DEF-1.

The Japanese letter to recognize a Spear is .

Spears (槍)
Japanese Name English Name Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Bonus Notes
スピア Spear ATK+5


2 Shop 1,000 gil

スコーピオン Scorpion ATK+5


2 Trade Spear (スピア) ×1

Magnet Shard (磁力の破片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×2

1,000 gil

Wall Rush BRV Damage+20%

ジャベリン Javelin ATK+10


9 Shop 2,000 gil

ヘビーランス Heavy Lance ATK+14


16 Shop 3,700 gil

Flame Lance ATK+14


16 Trade

5 DP Bonus (DO-II)

Spear x1

Magnet Shard x1

Transmogridust x4

3,700 gil

Wall Rush BRV Damage+20%

ミスリルスピア Mythril Spear ATK+19


23 Trade Javelin (ジャベリン) ×1

Mythril (ミスリル) ×1

6,050 gil

Mystic Mythril (1/3)

Ice Lance ATK+19


16 Trade

6 DP Bonus (DO-II)

Javelin x1

Healing Shard x1

Transmogridust x8

6,050 gil

Wall Rush BRV Damage+20%

ミスリルスピア+ Mythril Spear + ATK+20


9 Trade Mythril Lance (ミスリルスピア) x1

Bergamot (ベルガモット) x1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) x2

6,050 gil

Mystic Mythril (1/3)

オベリクス Obelisk ATK+28


37 Shop 10,750 gil

ウィンドスピア Wind Spear ATK+28


37 Trade Scorpion x1

Summoner's Horn x1

10,750 gil

Wall Rush BRV Damage+20%

パルチザン Partisan ATK+32


44 Shop 13,100 gil

クリスタルランス Crystal Lance ATK+46


65 Trade Obelisk (オベリスク) ×1

Crystal (クリスタル) ×1

Humbaba's Horn (フンババの角) ×3

20,160 gil

Blessed Crystal (1/3)

トライデント Trident ATK+50


72 Trade Partisan (パルチザン) ×1

Ixion Horn (イクシオンの角) ×3

Blue Gem (ブルージェム) ×1

22,510 gil

Wall Rush BRV Damage+30% Blue Gem is obtained through Friend cards.

Radiant Lance ATK+55


79 Shop 32,310 gil

飛竜の槍 Wyvern Lance ATK+55


79 Trade Flame Lance (炎の槍) ×1

Wind Drake Horn (飛竜の角) ×3

Recovery Shard (再起の破片) ×1

24,860 gil

Wall Rush BRV Damage+30%

Whisper of the Wyrm (1/3)

ホーリーランス Holy Lance ATK+59


86 Trade Crystal Lance (氷の槍) x1

Unicorn Horn (獣王の角) x3

Titan Shard (イエロージェム) x1

27,220 gil

Wall Rush BRV Damage+40% For the Japanese version, Yellow Gem is the trade accessory, not Titan Shard

ゲイボルグ Gae Bolg ATK +64


93 Trade Ice Lance (氷の槍) ×1

Beastlord Horn (獣王の角) ×5

Yellow Gem (イエロージェム) ×1

29,570 gil

Wall Rush BRV Damage+40% Yellow Gem is obtained through Friend cards.

グングニル Gungnir ATK+68


100 Trade Holy Lance x1

Behemoth Horn x5

31,920 gil

Wall Rush BRV Damage+50%

ルフェインランス Lufeinian Lance ATK+68


100 Duel Colosseum Wisdom of Lufenia (1/3) Blackjack Course