Note that the Sets with negative effects (such as 3 parts equipped: opposite effect, or the ones marked (Minus)) are supposed to be usage restrictions of items rather than bonuses. For example, you can only equip 2 of the 3 items of an opposite-effect set, and you can't equip all of the Minus parts, unless you really want a negative effect rather than good equipment.

Set Effects
Japanese Name Translation Effect Obtained
暗黒の力(4) Power of Darkness Wall Rush BRV Damage+20%

Wall Rush HP Damage+20%

Dark Sword

Dark Shield

Dark Helm

Dark Armor

ミスリルの魔力(3) Mystic Mythril EX Mode Duration+30% Mythril Sword

Mythril Shield

Mythril Helm

ゴールドの魅力(3) Glorious Gold Gil+50% Gold Sword

Golden Shield

Golden Helm

ダイヤの神秘(3) Dazzling Diamond AP+100% Diamond Sword

Diamond Shield

Diamond Helm

クリスタルの加護(3) Blessed Crystal EX Force Absorption Amount+20%

EX Core Absorption Amount+20%

Crystal Sword

Crystal Shield

Crystal Helm

竜の息吹(3) Whisper of the Wyrm Physical Damage Reduction+10%

Magic Damage Reduction +10%

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Shield

Dragon's Crest

巨人の誇り(3) Pride of the Titans HP+750


Giant's Axe

Giant's Gloves

Giant's Helm

天下統一(4) Uniter BRV base value recovery+200% Warblade

Warlord's Soul

Warlord's Gloves

Warlord's Armor

盛者必衰(4) All Glories Must Fade Battle Start: EX+100%

EX Mode Duration -50%

Heike's Blade

Heike's Shield

Heike's Helm

ソウル・オブ・ヤマト(3) Soul of Yamato LUK+3/Regen+20%/HP to BRV

EX Core Appearance Boost

Genji Shield

Genji Helm

Genji Armor

ルフェインの英知(4) Wisdom of Lufenia EX Core Appearance Rate Increase

in U.S.EX Gauge Depletion+15%

Lufenia/n Equipment

Multiple items

アダマンの鎖(3) Adamant Chains Successful Evasion: BRV+20%

Successful Guard: BRV+20%

in U.S.BRV Boost on Dodge+30%

Midair Evasion Boost

Adamant Shield

Adamant Helm

Adamant Vest

愛の食卓(4) Flavor of Life Regeneration amount+100% Frying Pan of Love

Kitchen Timer

Cook Hat

Iron Apron

雪月花(3) Snowpetal Counter Magic 300%

BRV Boost on Block +30% (NA)

Snow Flake Clothes

Full Moon Bracelet or New Moon Gloves


四天王(4) Elemental Archfiend (The Big Four) Evasion,Guard,Map Destruction,Map Action: BRV + Scarmillion's Fang

Bracelet of Valvalis

Rubicante's Hood

Cagnazzo's Carapace

カッパーボーナス(4) Imp's Blessing EX Force Absorption Range+15m Impartisan

Tortoise Shield


Reed Cloak

夜露の死苦 Force of the Resolute Transfer EX Core & EX Force to BRV

EX Force Absorption Amount +30%

Nail Bat

Scar Bangle

Fighting Spirit Headband

Second Generation Coat

蜂蜜の色香(4) Allure of Honey (Honey Charm) Rise Occurence +2%

Item Drop Chance +2%

in US: Battlegen Rate x1.5, Drop Rate x1.5

Female/Special Series

Sexy Cologne

Member Card

Blonde Wig

Silk Dress

韋駄天(4) Skanda Improved Speed,Jump Range,Number of consecutive Jumps,Air Dodge Artifact
オーバーワーク(3) Overwork Physical Attack +5% per part up until 2 parts

If 3 parts equipped: opposite effect (Physical Attack -15%)Exclamation

オーバーヒート(3) Overhit Magic Attack +5%Exclamation per part up until 2 parts

If 3 parts equipped: opposite effect (Magical Attack -15%Exclamation)Exclamation

崩落の壁(3) Barrier Break Physical Defense +?% up until 2 parts
     If 3 parts equipped: opposite effect (Physical Defense -?%)Exclamation 

調査中(魔法系崩落の壁) In Investigation (Magic System Break of Barrier Exclamation) Magic Defense +?% up until 2 parts
           If 3 parts equipped: opposite effect (Magical Defense -?%)Exclamation 

攻防の破綻(3) Failure of Offense & Defense In Investigaion.
                 Perhaps Attack Defense Up (Damage Reduction +?%) up until 2 parts
                 If 3 parts equipped: opposite effect (Damage Reduction -?%)Exclamation 

EX王者(3) The EX King 3 parts equipped: EX Loser (Minus)Exclamation Artifact

EX亡者(3) The EX Death 3 parts equipped: Bankrupt (Minus)Exclamation Artifact

BRVアタッカー(3) BRV Attacker 3 parts equipped: BRV Loser (Minus)Exclamation Artifact

地の利(3) Locational Advantage 3 parts equipped: Ground Crash (Minus) Artifact

The Wisdom of Lufenia SetEdit


Hand Head Body

Lufenian Saber

Lufenian Shield Lufenian Helm Lufenian Jacket

Lufenian Dagger

Lufenian Gauntlets Lufenian Hairpin Lufenian Robes

Lufenia's Edge

Lufenian Bangle Lufenian Cap Lufenian Vest

Lufenian Katana

Lufenian Dirk Lufenian Armor

Lufenian Lance

Lufenian Axe

Lufenian Staff

Star of Lufenia

Lufenian Claw

Lufenian Lute