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Level Up Magic
Shoot (Japanese) / Marksman (English)

Shantotto makes a guest appearance representing the Final Fantasy XI series. As a Tarutaru Black Mage, her attacks are centered around her ability to cast devastating, high-level magic called Ancient Magic. In the form of her HP attacks, Shantotto can throw spells like Freeze and Tornado at her opponent. Unlike other magic-users in the game, she can chain HP Attack spells up to three times. Her attacks are heavily based on her BRV value, changing their nature according to how much bravery she has.

How to Unlock Edit

Complete at least 5 Destiny Odyssey stories and all 4 Shade Impulse chapters to unlock Distant Glory - Heroes. Complete this to unlock her for 1000PP in the PP Catalog.


Shantotto appears unchanged from her appearance in the original game. As a Tarutaru, Shantotto is incredibly diminutive in stature, even smaller than Onion Knight. While mainly humanoid in appearance with blond hair and brown eyes, she has slight animal-like traits, having long ears and a black nose. She is adorned in blue and white robes with gold lining with a pair of blue silk gloves and pointed boots.

Alternate appearanceEdit

Wizard's Coat - Shantotto's alternate costume dresses her in the Black Mage Artifact outfit which is a dark blue and brown coat with buttons lining down in the center. In EX Mode, she dons the Black Mage Relic Armor set which grants her a black and purple coat

Black Coat - A second alt in Dissidia 012 which gives her the player version of the traditional garments belonging to the Black Mages. The outfit's black appearance includes red lining and a silvery design in the middle. In EX Mode, she dons her original outfit before her retirement, that of the Windurstian Ministers which includes a robe of brown and yellow. She also gains a pair of glasses as well.

Wedding Dress - A DLC costume available for purchase from the Playstation Store. Based on a mention in her in-game profile in both Dissidia games, she gains an entirely white ensemble with frilly decorations. In EX Mode, she gains the Goetia Armor Set which consists of a long black coat with gold highlights.

Abilities Edit

Appropiately referred to as a Chainspeller, Shantotto's expertise in magic allows her to combo her magic attacks together for explosive results. Her HP attacks can be chained together, allowing up for three HP attacks in a row to build up a lot of Brave before the final strike. Depending on the amount of Brave she currently has, her spells will transform and upgrade into more powerful variations every time she hits 3000+ Brave, thus accessory equip should revolve around building up and starting out with plenty of Brave to draw out her true power as soon as possible. Her Brave attacks mostly consist of magic meant to corner and halt an opponent's movement though her main offensive will be in the form of her rod.

Shantotto is one of the only two characters in Dissidia 012 to not gain any new attacks but her HP and BRV game has been improved considerably, only requiring 2000+ Brave to upgrade her attacks and they also come out faster as well.


Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes
時々2-3回攻撃 2-3 Staff Strike Initial Ground 30 90 Shantotto smacks the foe with her staff for a total of 3 hits. the third hit has a wall rush effect. Also a chase effect
バインド(地上) Bind (Ground) Lv. 10 Ground 20 120 A small circle of magic surrounds the enemy. After about a second, if the enemy is still within range of the circle, it traps them in that spot similar to Ultimecia's time stop ability (in her EX mode). The difference is this move only halts the enemy's movement. They can still launch attacks, dodge, and block attacks (with much difficulty), they just can't move in any direction as long as the circle remains on them. Bound players become free after taking damage or once the effect wears off after a set duration.
バイオ(地上) Bio (Ground) Lv. 28 Ground 30 120 Fires a dark green orb of poison. It has high tracking ability but moves very slowly. If it hits the enemy, it "poisons" them, doing brave damage every second or so for a set period of time. If the enemy lands a HP attack while still poisoned, there is a very good chance that the tick damage will put them into break state (unless their bravery is frozen or does not go down to zero like a HP attack launched by an Ex mode shantotto). Instead of being reflected when blocked or attacked, it merely disappears (confirmed in US version). Only one Bio spell can be on the field per character at a time.
スタン(地上) Stun (Ground) Lv. 44 Ground 20 120 Hits the enemy with a quick circle of light a short distance from shantotto. Does absolutely no BRV damage, but interrupts most character attack animations if timed right
レトリビューション Retribution Initial Air 30 180 Shantotto hurls her staff at the enemy like a boomerang. If it hits while flying away from Shantotto, it has a wall rush effect. If the staff hits while returning, you can enter chase mode.
バインド(空中) Bind (Air) Lv. 10 Air 20 120 Same properties as ground version
バイオ(空中) Bio (Air) Lv. 28 Air 30 120 Same properties as ground version
スタン(空中) Stun (Air) Lv. 44 Air 20 120 Same properties as ground version

HP Edit

NOTE: Shantotto’s HP attack spells are based on 3 tiers. Having 0-2999 Brave will do Tier 1 spells. Having 3000-5999 will do Tier 2 spells. Having 6000 and more will do Tier 3 spells. (In the US version, it is the same amount of bravery but goes from, for example, stone to stonega to quake) Her spell chains are based on the elemental circle that exists in Final Fantasy XI and will cast in this specific order if you choose to chain spells (only up to 2 additional spells after the first cast) by hitting Square again during the magic animation:

Fire > Water > Lightning > Earth > Wind > Ice > Fire

Chaining these spells together will make the second and third spell of the chain do more damage than the first spell. All Tier 2&3 spells cause guard crush when blocked, and Tier 3 spells also destroy obstacles. Low Tier spells have long cast time and low recovery time, where as high Tier spells have quicker casts and quicker recovery time, with mid Tier a little in between.

Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes
精霊魔法 火 Fire Initial Ground 40 260 When BRV is 0-2999 Shoots a small fireball forward that hits multiple times if it connects. It does home to a certain extent, but is fairly predictable.It can be blocked, but if dodged, it may do a U-turn and still hit its mark.

When BRV is 3000-5999 (Firaga) Shoots out three medium sized fireballs that all converge on the target, hitting a few times before exploding. The HP attack chain can be continued if at least one of the fireballs connects. Inflicts Guard crush property.

When BRV 6000-9999 (Flare) Shoots forward several small balls of fire, before forming a large fireball next to the target that explodes in a fairly large blast radius. The explosion at the end happens regardless of if the smaller fireballs hit or not. Has guard crush and obstacle breaking properties.

Begins a three spell chain of: Fire, Water, Lightning.

精霊魔法 土 Stone Initial Ground 40 200 When BRV is 0-2999 A small hole opens up in the ground directly below the opponent, tossing up a few rocks at them, ending with a bigger rock. The hole always opens up from the ground, regardless of how high up in the air the opponent is (this applies to all levels of this spell).

When BRV is 3000-5999 (Stonega) A medium sized hole opens up in the ground directly below the opponent, and sharp pointy rocks stick up one after the other, stabbing the opponent, followed by a large, final spike from the middle. Has the guard crush property.

When BRV is 6000-9999 (Quake) A large hole opens up in the ground below the opponent. Large chunks of earth raise up, repeatedly smacking the opponent, ending with a sizeable piece of floor coming to greet their face. Has the guard crush and obstacle breaking properties.

Begins a three spell chain of: Stone, Aero, Blizzard.

精霊魔法 雷 Thunder Initial Ground 40 300 When BRV is 0-2999 Sends a small bolt of lightning forward. It travels over to the opponent quickly, and upon contact hits the enemy several times before smashing them downwards for crash damage. Only does the crash damage on the final hit, meaning if chained to any other spell, it does not have the wall rushing property.

When BRV is 3000-5999 (Thundaga) Sends out two bolts of lightning towards the enemy. They work the same as Thunder, striking from above, but they are larger than Thunder, and since its two lightning bolts, the amount of hits are doubled. If one bolt misses, the other may still reach the enemy, as they don't always move at the same speed.

When BRV is 6000-9999 (Burst) A single powerful lightning bolt is sent out. Its area of effect is much larger than the weaker versions, despite it being only one burst of lightning.

Begins a three spell chain of: Thunder, Stone, Aero.

精霊魔法 風 Aero Initial Air 40 240 When BRV is 0-2999 The enemy is cut apart by small blades of wind, whirling around them in a orb-like vacuum. This attack has a magnetism property, meaning it will pull the enemy in until the attack is finished. the orb appears as close to the opponent as possible, but it can only reach mid-range distance.

When BRV is 3000-5999 (Aeroga) Similar to Aero, but the area is about double the size, with some lightning and stronger winds inside the orb. The magnetic pull is stronger (even if only a little), and a guard crush property is added as well.

When BRV is 6000-9999 (Tornado) Starts out as a small orb with strong winds, but quickly expands into a large tornado, regardless of if it connects. Pulls the enemy in, crushes guards, and destroys obstacles.

Begins a three spell chain of: Aero, Blizzard, Fire

精霊魔法 水 Water Initial Air 40 220 When BRV is 0-2999 A small orb of water forms at the enemy's exact location, hitting multiple time. It's quick and contends for the longest range of all Shantotto's other HP attacks (tied with stone). It has no magnetism like aero, but it is very quick in execution, and has a much longer, more precise reach.

When BRV is 3000-5999 (Waterga) A cool looking, large orb-like whirlpool in the air, but basically a bigger flashier version of Water. Has no special properties besides the standard (for shantotto anyway) guard crush that all of shantottos's tier 2 spells have. Retains its quick execution speed as well, which combined with the larger area, makes it much more effective.

When BRV is 6000-9999 (Flood) something similar to a circle of white water rapids forms below the enemy, hitting several times before exploding upwards in a large splash of water.

Begins a three spell chain of: Water, Thunder, Stone.

精霊魔法 氷 Blizzard Initial Air 40 280 When BRV is 0-2999 A small chunk of ice is formed, then shot at the enemy at high speed. It will adjust its angle to head straight for the target (does a better job at this than fire), but once fired, only heads straight forward. easily dodged if expected, and sometimes the enemy can dodge this during a spell chain, if its not chained into quickly enough.

When BRV is 3000-5999 (Blizzaga) A medium sized chunk of ice is formed and shot at the enemy at high speed. still only heads straight forward, but is larger and travels a bit faster as well, increasing odds of hitting its mark. Has the guard crush property.

When BRV is 6000-9999 (Deep Freeze) A large chunk of ice is formed above the opponent, then dropped down on them. The ice chunk will drop straight down from its point of formation. Upon contact with any floor surface it creates a mass of ice that deals constant BRV damage before breaking and dishing out HP damage. Opponents hit by the initial falling ice chunk will be carried down into the mass of ice, unless there is a BRV trap pit directly below. No floor contact means no mass of ice, meaning no HP damage. Has guard crush and obstacle breaking properties.

Begins a three spell chain of: Blizzard, Fire, Water

EX Mode Edit

EX EffectsEdit

1. Regen: HP will regenerate over time while in EX Mode.

2. Manafont: Shantotto's BRAVE is not consumed when using HP Attacks.

EX BurstEdit

1. プチ切れ - Skillchain: Fusion/Play Rough

Shantotto screams プチ切れましたわ〜!(Basically, “Now I’m pissed!” She shouts: "Now I'm mad!" in the english version of the game) and initiates the Fusion Skillchain by using the Full Swing and Howling Fist Weapon Skills. Fusion boosts the power of Fire and Light type magic that hit the target for a short time following the Skillchain.

2. Magic Burst

After the Fusion Skillchain, a Final Fantasy XI menu will appear that list all of the Ancient Magic spells of the Elemental circle. To obtain a Perfect EX Burst, cast Flare (the Red icon) to go with the corresponding Skillchain and then follow the elemental circle (Fire > Water > Thunder > Earth > Wind > Ice > Fire). Not doing Flare first or not going in order will do reduced damage. The list has all the spells listed in order with the elemental circle, but every time you EX Burst, the list is shifted around, but the order will be the same (example, go to flare, and just press the icon and just scroll down like you would if it flare was on top).

Equipment Edit

Shantotto's equipment is comprised of the following:

Weapons: Rods, and Staves, Body: Robes and Clothes, Head: Hats and Hairpins, Hands: Bracelets

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Japanese Name English Name Level Stats Notes
ジュピタースタッフ Jupiter Staff 50 BRV +26, ATK +35 Initial BRV +20%
レーヴァテイン Laevateinn 92 BRV +38, ATK +62 Initial BRV +30%
クラウストルム Claustrum 100 BRV +40, ATK +67 Initial BRV +40%
Minor Gambler's Spirit Effect


Normal Form - Cobra Coat's Attire Set

Normal EX Mode - Cobra Unit's Attire Set

Another Form - Purchase for 300 PP at the PP Shop, Wizard's Attire Set (Black Mage Artifact Armor)

Another EX Mode- Sorcerer's Attire Set (Black Mage Relic Armor)

Trivia Edit

  • Shantotto, while casting spells, will change her staff according to the element of the spell. While this has no impact on the gameplay in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, it does make the spells more efficacious in Final Fantasy XI.
  • Shantotto is the smallest character in the game.
  • Although Shantotto may not be the hero of the Final Fantasy XI series, she plays a role in several of the game's Missions and Quests and is considered the most popular NPC of Final Fantasy XI. Furthermore, Shantotto has her own mini-expansion introduced in 2009 called A Shantotto Ascension for Final Fantasy XI, where players will delve into her sudden and radical shift in behavior after an unexplained absence.
  • It is unknown whether or not Shantotto is one of the magicians in the opening video while warding off beastmen.
  • Retribution is a Weapon Skill in Final Fantasy XI that can be learned from Shantotto.
  • While many of the popular NPCs in Final Fantasy XI have an exclusive character model (Cid for example), Shantotto's character model can be used by players. The only thing that sets Shantotto off from the other Tarutaru that look like her is her laughing animation.
  • Unlike the other characters who kneel when they lose, Shantotto transforms into a doll. This is a reference to the one-and-only instance in Final Fantasy XI where you can fight her, an invitation-only event where she is one of four randomly-selected opponents. Upon defeat, she transforms into the doll, claiming that she was controlling it via magic and that it holds only a fraction of her true power. This, of course, implies that the Shantotto you see in Dissidia: Final Fantasy is the doll as well, and the Shantotto you fight against or fight as is not the true Shantotto.  
  • Shantotto's VA in Japanese is Megumi Hayashibara, whose career started by voicing another mage famous for their laugh, The Slayers's Lina Inverse.
  • In her in-game profile in both Dissidia games, it states that her only regret in life was not being married. This mention was later turned into a DLC costume for her in Dissidia 012, using the design of the Wedding Dress armor set from FFXI.

See also Edit

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