Squall Leonheart
Squall artwork
Final Fantasy VIII


Hideo Ishikawa (Japanese) / Doug Erholtz (English)


Combo Master (Japanese) / Relentless Revolver (English)
Speed (Japanese) / Assassin (English)

A cold, taciturn youth who wields a gunblade,a weapon part sword, part gun.

In the original game, he was raised as a mercenary at the Balamb Garden Military Academy, and belonged to the elite force named SeeD. It is arguable whether his decision to train with the old-fashioned and notoriously difficult-to-master gunblade is more a show of strength or of stubbornness.

How to UnlockEdit


Squall, as in his Alternative Costume / SeeD Uniform

As a hero for Cosmos, Squall is unlocked from the beginning of the game. For 300PP, you can purchase Squall's alternate look at the PP Catalog.


Squall's appearance, like Cloud and Tidus, is a mixture of Nomura's and Amano's concept art. He appears as a young adult with short brown hair and blue eyes. He is dressed in a black jacket with a white furry collar and wears black gloves. With black trousers and two intersecting belts at the waist, he wears a sash that emerges from white fur.

Alternate LookEdit

  • SeeD Uniform - His first alternate costume is his field student uniform as a member of the SeeD academy. It is a mostly black, decorated suit with gold lining and a belt at the waist. The outfit is completed with shoulder pads bound by a chain.
  • Steely Blade - A second alternate costume based on artwork by Amano. It retains elements of his default costume but replaces the coat with a sleeveless black tank top.
  • Leon - A DLC costume only available in Japan through a code provided by the April 2011 edition of V-Jump or in Europe through the Legacy Edition. It depicts him in his Kingdom Hearts appearance as he took on the name Leon. Here, he appears much older with longer hair in a layered fashion. His outfit is similar to his original outfit, but his jacket has become short sleeved. His waist and left arm features an assortment of brown belts and his pants feature several buckles on the side. His shoes feature zippers running down in the middle vertically.


Combo Master/Relentless Revolver

Squall is a fairly well-balanced character, who can keep a solid Ground and Aerial Game, and has a lot of good options for pressuring opponents. Quick to pull out close-range attacks, he can drain Bravery from his opponent quite easily with his close-range Gunblade attacks and has a few surprisingly effective magical attacks at his disposal. Well suited to any stage, his only weaknesses are his lack of effective Long-ranged Abilities, and has only average HP Abilities, this is due to their somewhat lengthy startup time, recovery, and ease to punish. Excellent Brave game but poor HP game means potentially a lot of Brave breaking against the opponent, and strategies may inevitably require the "one big hit" mentality.

Brave AttacksEdit

Japanese Name English Name Level Type CP AP Notes
アッパーブルーズ Upper Blues Initial Ground 30(15) 120 Squall hits the target into the air, slashes twice more, and then throws them into the floor with a kick. A 4-hit combo, 5 if the last hit smacks the enemy into the ground.

EX Mode: larger explosions from the upgraded gunblade increase this to a 7-hit combo. No additional hits are added to the kick or Crash damage if any is caused. NOTE: Can be comboed into Beat Fang by dodge canceling after the second hit of Upper Blues.

ブリザドバレット Blizzard Barret Initial Ground 20(10) 90 Shoot a small chunk of ice with a great homing capability. NOTE: Can be comboed into Rough Divide, Blasting Zone (only at close range), Thunder Barret, and Fusillade.
ソリッドバレル Solid Barrel 3 Ground 30(15) 120 Unleash a balletic combo of slashes that ends with three explosive muzzle flash attacks. A 7-hit combo ending with a chance to enter chase mode.

EX Mode: larger explosions from the upgraded gunblade increase this to a 14-hit combo. Also in Ex-Mode, Solid Barrel "pierces" through every Guard and Guard-Ability. NOTE: Solid Barrel pierces guards ONLY in EX Mode. This is not the same as GUARD BREAK, so you receive no critical bonuses from a staggering opponent. Can be comboed into Upper Blues by dodge canceling after the third hit (timing is strict, easier to do in EX mode)

サンダーバレット Thunder Barret 10 (US=6) Ground 30(15) 120 Call down a row of lightning bolts, pulling the target into range of Squall's gunblade attacks. NOTE: The farther the enemy, the more hits will connect. Works well in conjunction with Sneak Attack. NOTE: Can be comboed into Solid Barrel, Upper Blues, Blizzard Barret, and Fusillade.
連続魔弾 Fusillade 23 (US=22) Ground 30(15) 120 Unleash a combo of magic using Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder. The final blast of thunder bolts throws the target away. Able to enter Chase mode.
ヒールクラッシュ Heel Crush Initial Air 30(15) 180 Squall triggers the gunblade behind him, throwing him forward in a spiral to kick the target, slamming them into the floor for Crash damage. NOTE: Has Guard Break and magic block properties in the US version. Can also be prematurely Dodge Canceled at any time before the attack connects. During EX mode, the kick flies out towards the enemy about twice the distance of the original Heel Crush. Also, given correct conditions, can be comboed with successive heel crushes via dodge-cancelling.
ビートファング Beat Fang 33 (US=10) Air 30(15) 180 Begins like an aerial Upper Blues but instead of a kick, Squall smacks the enemy downward with the gunblade and follows up with a punishing buffet of explosive thrusts that blasts the target into the floor for Crash damage. Deals about 8-9 hits, not counting the Crash damage hit.

EX Mode: larger explosions from the upgraded gunblade increase this attack to staggering 18-hit(approx.) combo, not including the Crash damage hit. Works well in conjunction with Sneak Attack and Counterattack, making it one of th most powerful brave drainers.

Not available in the japanese version Mystic Flurry 33 Air 30(15) 180 Squall starts shooting blizzard chunks into random places in the area around the enemy in front of him. The chunks of ice slow down considerably after a short distance, but then turn into orbs of electricity that very slowly home and can trap an opponent, dealing constant brave damage until the electric bolts explode and send the opponent hurtling downward for potential wall rush. Multiple orbs of electricity can latch onto the enemy, prolonging the attack and increasing the duration. If any of the blizzard chunks collide with the wall, floor or an obstacle, they immediately explode. Though there is a limit to the amount Squall shoots out at a given time, like Fusillade, this attack can be comboed without hitting, and the amount thrown out depends on the amount of button presses. NOTE: Can be comboed into Beat Fang, Rough Divide(Aerial), Aerial Circle (Target must be high in the air and the timing is very strict), Revolver Drive, and Blasting Zone (Target must be low to the ground). Despite combo potential, connecting with attack is fairly difficult, and pulling off an HP to follow up immediately is also challenging.

HP AttacksEdit

Japanese Name English Name Level Type CP AP Notes
フェイテッドサークル Fated Circle Initial Ground 40(20) 180 Squall spins around, detonating a ring of explosive power around him. Has magic block properties. Ring counts as a ranged attack, so Squall does not stagger if it is somehow deflected.
リボルバードライヴ Revolver Drive 15 (US=38) Ground 40(20) 180 Squall charges forward gunblade-first. You can direct the charge via the thumbstick. If the attack connects with the target, you deal constant BRV damage until you hit a wall or a certain amount of time passes. Hold Square while sliding the thumbstick in the desired direction to continue the attack. NOTE: Can exploit duration by "driving" opponent over a ledge. This cause Squall to remain "stuck" on the edge while his oppenent is over it, causing continuous damage without having to worry of ending the attack too early or walls to prematurely stop your attack. It will deflect magic and physical bravery attacks, even most HP-Attacks.
プラスティングゾーン Blasting Zone 28 Ground 40(20) 300 Squall raises his gunblade, and then brings it downward wrapped in a massive straight pillar of energy. Deals multiple BRV damage before the final strike. It is medium ranged, making it ideal for targets with considerable distance from Squall and for swatting down aerial targets. Poor homing.
ラフディバイド Rough Divide Initial Ground 40(20) 300 Squall hops into the air and ignites his gunblade behind him, using it as propulsion to launch him at tremendous speeds at the target for a powerful slash. Squall passes through most HP attacks uninterrupted during this move. Has little homing ability. Ground version can only attack diagonally downwards and includes a very audible shout. It travels a much longer distance than the aerial version to compensate.
Not in original japanese version Rough Divide (Aerial Version) 16 Air 40(20) 300 Squall hops into the air and ignites his gunblade behind him, using it as propulsion to launch him at tremendous speeds at the target for a powerful slash. Squall passes through most HP attacks uninterrupted during this move. This version eliminates Squall's shout and has much better homing capabilities than the ground version in exchange for a much shorter range.
エアリアルサークル Aerial Circle Initial Air 40(20) 180 Squall spins around in the air, detonating a ring of explosive power around him. Explosive ring has magic block properties. Unlike Fated Circle, Aerial Circle has a tilted explosion ring which makes it easier to hit targets above Squall .

Useful TipsEdit

Because of his well-balanced nature, Squall is well suited to any situation, in any location, against any opponent. His Close-range Brave attacks are fast and furious, making them somewhat hard to predict. Squall is best used as a Rush-Down character, in which the player pressures the opponent at Close-to-Mid-range.

Squall's Heel Crush is one of his most useful abilities. It homes in on enemies, and in the U.S Version, it causes a blocking opponent to Stagger, leaving them open for a follow-up attack like Beat Fang. This, combined with Riposte, can cause a huge amount of Brave damage to your opponent. In EX Mode, the range of Heel Crush increases, allowing players to pressure more effectively.

Squall is a Ranged-character's worst nightmare. Heel Crush, Fated Circle and Aerial Circle can reflect any and all blockable magical Brave attacks. Additionally, his Rough Divide can plough straight through most Magical HP attacks, such as Straight Arrow, Innocence, and even a fully charged Meltdown. If you plan accordingly and predict opposing attacks, Squall can negate practically any attack that a Ranged-character throws at you.


Dissidia Squall Leonhart ex

Squall in his EX mode.

Lion Heart Equipped - Squall's Revolver is replaced by his ultimate weapon, the Lion Heart, a Gunblade with a stylized hilt and a lion motif featuring a single wing. Its most prominent feature is the bright blue large blade, commonly associated with the Ultima Weapon, the strongest weapon in the franchise.

Ex BurstEdit

Renzokuken - A flurry of attacks ending in one shattering blow. Watch your timing and press R when the cursor is in the frame.

EX EffectsEdit

  • Regen - (Always active while in EX mode) Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.
  • Lion Heart (RANGE) - (Always active while in EX mode) Transfers the heart of a lion to the weapon, increasing its range.
  • Lion Heart (HIT) - (Always active while in EX mode) Pushes the weapon's specs to the limit, increasing the force of each blast.
  • Solid Barrel pierces through guard in Dissidia. It is removed in Duodecim.


Weapons: Swords and Thrown Weapons Armors: Shields, Bangles, Hats, Helms, Clothing, and Light Armor

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Japanese Name English Name Level Stats Notes
リボルバー Revolver
ATK +4
ランスオブスリット Twin Lance
ATK +36
EX Core Absorption +15%
クライム&ペナルティ Punishment
ATK +63
EX Core Absorption +20%
ライオンハート Lionheart
ATK +68
EX Core Absorption +30%
Minor Sneak Attack Effect




  • I'll take you on.
  • This is gonna be easy.
  • I won't hold back.
  • Let's get this over with.
  • Putting an end to everything...
  • This is the path I believe in.
  • I can't lose to you.
  • I refuse... to become the past.
  • I'm not fighting... all alone.
  • This, is a trial!
  • No time for regrets!
  • Give it all you've got!
  • I won't run from this!
  • This is getting old!
  • You need training.

Encounter against CosmosEdit

  • Warrior of Light: That's... quite a shine you've got there.
  • Firion: We only live to fight.
  • Onion Knight: I'm not very good with children...
  • Cecil: Stay alive if you want to be stronger.
  • Bartz: What keeps you so optimistic?
  • Terra: All it takes is a step forward.
  • Cloud: What are you afraid of losing?
  • Squall: There can only be one Squall!
  • Zidane: You move around too much.
  • Tidus: Can you get over your past?
  • Shantotto: Never thought I'd meet another witch.

Encounter against ChaosEdit

  • Garland: Never let go of your prey.
  • The Emperor: You are lost in your greed...
  • Cloud of Darkness: I have no fear.
  • Golbez: What do you want to believe in?
  • Exdeath: Hmph. Just another loner.
  • Kefka: You've taken this joke too far.
  • Sephiroth: No one needs a hero from the past.
  • Ultimecia: Time for you to release time...
  • Kuja: No use for words in battle.
  • Jecht: I have something to protect, too.
  • Gabranth: Another lost soul, like me.
  • Chaos: Don't waste your solitude!

Battle QuotesEdit

Brave Attacks:Edit

  • Upper Blues: Huh! Hmph! Hey! Hyah!
  • Blizzard Barret: Hmph!
  • Solid Barrel: Hmph! Huh! Hey! Alright!
    That your best?
  • Thunder Barret: Hah!
  • Fusillade: Gotcha!
  • Heel Crush: This is it!
  • Beat Fang: Hmph! Hey! There!
    Going down!
  • Mystic Flurry: Gotcha!

HP Attacks:Edit

  • Fated Circle: Take this!
  • Revolver Drive: This is... the end!
  • Blasting Zone: How do you like this?
  • Rough Divide (ground): Uaaah!
  • Aerial Circle: You're gone!

Ex-Mode QuoteEdit

Lionheart Equipped: Lion's heart!

Ex-Burst QuotesEdit

Start: Don't make me laugh!

Finish: Here goes.
Mission accomplished.

Victory QuotesEdit

  • Should I have taken it easier?
  • That was no enemy of mine.
  • Gone talkin' to a WoL.
  • I don't have time for the weak.
  • That was fun... for a change.
  • The battle rages on...
  • My fangs are still intact.
  • As long as I have my sword...
  • Victory is absolute.
  • I'll take you on again.

Defeat QuotesEdit

  • I can't even... save myself?
  • Ugh, so this is it...
  • What was I... lacking?
  • I wasn't expecting that!
  • I had a bad feeling...
  • This... is the reality of battle!
  • A failed mission...
  • What a way to go...
  • I was defeated by boredom...
  • Just when it matters... the most...

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