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The main story of Dissidia is broken up into sections for each character, and specific storyline events. Each section is separated into 5 different levels, and each level consists of moving around a Chess board like playing field (using DP), and defeating enemies. The main goal of each level, is to reach the goal square on the field.

The Prologue gives a basic explanation of the story, as well as how to play the game. After completing the Prologue, you gain access to the 10 Destiny Odyssey sections, each of which are dedicated to one of the main Characters in the first 10 Final Fantasy games.

Upon completing one of the Destiny Odyssey sections (all ten are required in the japanese version of the game), Shade Impulse is unlocked, and follows up the end of the storyline with 4 new subsections (each unlocked after completing the previous one).

Once Shade Impulse is completed, many new features are unlocked, such as the Duel Colosseum, and 3 new story sections Distant Glory - Heroes, Distant Glory - Villains and Inward Chaos.

List of Story Sections Edit

  1. Prologue - Warrior of Light
  2. Destiny Odyssey I - Warrior of Light
  3. Destiny Odyssey II - Firion
  4. Destiny Odyssey III - Onion Knight
  5. Destiny Odyssey IV - Cecil Harvey
  6. Destiny Odyssey V - Bartz Klauser
  7. Destiny Odyssey VI - Terra Branford
  8. Destiny Odyssey VII - Cloud Strife
  9. Destiny Odyssey VIII - Squall Leonheart
  10. Destiny Odyssey IX - Zidane Tribal
  11. Destiny Odyssey X - Tidus
  12. Shade Impulse - Chapter 1
  13. Shade Impulse - Chapter 2
  14. Shade Impulse - Chapter 3
  15. Shade Impulse - Chapter 4
  16. Distant Glory - Heroes
  17. Distant Glory - Villains
  18. Inward Chaos

Destiny Odysseys
I: Warrior of Light · II: Firion · III: Onion Knight · IV: Cecil Harvey · V: Bartz Klauser · VI: Terra Branford · VII: Cloud Strife · VIII: Squall Leonhart · IX: Zidane Tribal · X: Tidus
Shade Impulses
Chapter 1 · Chapter 2 · Chapter 3 · Chapter 4
Distant Glories
Heroes · Villains
Inward Chaos