Tidus artwork
Final Fantasy X


Masakazu Morita (Japanese)/James Arnold Taylor (English)


Dodge Attacker (Japanese) / Spry Striker (English)
Speed (Japanese) / Assassin (English)

A light-hearted, cheerful youth, he follows in his father's footsteps as an ace blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes. In battle, he is an agile fighter who easily dodges opponents' attacks as he performs his own.

In the original game, he was taken to Spira after an assault by the monster, Sin. There, he embarked on a grand adventure with a beautiful summoner named Yuna.

How to Unlock Edit

As a hero for Cosmos, Tidus is unlocked from the beginning of the game.


Tidus' appearance is taken from a mixture of both Amano's and Nomura's concept art of the character. He appears as a young adult with dirty blond hair and fair muscular build. His outfit appears to be an exaggerated, darker version of his attire in the original game, giving off a dream-like appearance that alludes to his nature. His hood features a long collar and his sleeve is more tattered at the end. He wears a pair of black trousers with one cut off half way and features the Zanarkand Abes' insignia. He wears a dark gauntlet that covers his entire left arm, coming back to the tradition of protagonists wearing pieces or sets of armor.

In Dissidia 012, Tidus's appearance is based wholly on concept art drawn by Amano which features even shorts and a shirtless, bare chested appearance.

Alternate appearanceEdit

  • Zanarkand Abes Uni - Tidus' first alternate costume changes his
    Tidus Alt Costumes

    Tidus Outfits

    colors to closely resemble his original appearance from Final Fantasy X, giving him brighter hues to match this. In Dissidia 012, the costume is altered so it is now taken directly from the original game, doing away with the upturned collar and beads and making his pants a bit more complete.
  • Fleeting Dream - A second alternate costume in Dissidia 012 based on an image by Amano. This removes his shirt, leaving his torso bare. He also wears a series of red bandages on his arms. This is the costume he uses under Chaos

Abilities Edit

Tidus' style of play is a Spry Striker. An effective hit-and-run character, Tidus is a fighter who makes use of his agility for his attacks, while still retaining a fair amount strength to back them up. Some of his attacks actually start out as a dodge, and then lead into attacks. Use these to your advantage when an opponent is still able to slip by your normal counterattacks. A selection of quick hits, full-powered charges, dodging counterattacks and even Blitzball throws, allows Tidus players to switch easily between the offense and the defense. He also has the advantage of leveling up faster than the other characters. If you feel you have mastered the Dodge, or even if you feel like a hit-and-run, then Tidus is the character for you.

Brave AttacksEdit

Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes
ソニックバスター Sonic Buster Initial Ground 30 140 A 3-hit charging attack that slams the opponent down.
ウィザーショット Wither Shot Lv.3 Ground 20 90 Hurls ball, long-range attack Ricochets off terrians.
ドッジ&スピン Dodge & Spin Lv.10 Ground 30 130 Flies upward and fall quickly towards target. Dodges attack

at the upward jumping sequence.

スフィアシュート Sphere Shot Lv.13 Ground 20 90 Hurls a fast ball. Deal more damage when close.
ドッジ&スロー Dodge & Throw Lv.28 Ground 30 120 Flips around and hurls sword.

Dodges attack at the flipping sequence

ホップステップ Hop Step Lv.33 Ground 30 120 A quick slash followed by a kick. Weak but fast.
ドッジ&ラン Dodge & Run Lv.37 Ground 30 140 Flies backward and rushes at the opponent.
ホップステップ Hop Step Initial Aerial 30 140 A quick slash followed by a kick. Weak but fast.
ドッジ&スロー Dodge & Throw Initial Aerial 30 180 Flips around and hurls sword.

Dodges attack at the flipping sequence

ウィザーショット Wither Shot Lv.19 Aerial 30 120 Hurls ball, long-range attack Chase

Ricochets off terrians.

フルスライド Full Slide Lv.23 Aerial 30 180 A 3 hit sliding attack that knocks the opponent upwards.
ドッジ&スピン Dodge & Spin Lv.23 Aerial 30 180 Flies upward and fall quickly

towards target. Dodges attack at the upward jumping sequence

HP AttacksEdit

Japanese Name Translation Level Type CP AP Notes
スパイラルカット Spiral Cut Initial Ground 40 180 Repeatedly spin toward the target, attacking them multiple times, then perform a single slash to the floor, creating a small explosion.
エナジーレイン Energy Rain Lv.46 Ground 40 180 Kicks magical energy at the target. Slow attack, but effective against any height.
エナジーレイン Energy Rain Initial Aerial 40 180 Kicks magical energy at the target. Slow attack, but effective against any height.
ジェクトシュート Jecht Shot Lv.51 Aerial 40 300 Release 3 high-powered shots.
チャージ&アサルト Charge & Assault (Slice & Dice in English) (Ground) Derived Ground 40 300 Derived from/Chains from Sonic Buster. In the recent releases, Charge and Assault (Slice and Dice in-battle) is a freely used HP attack.
クイックトリックA Quick Trick A (Quick Hit A in English) Derived Ground 40 300 Chained from Dodge &

Throw(ground). Drives into combo attack.

クイックトリックB Quick Trick B (Quick Hit B in English) Derived Ground 40 300 Chained from Dodge &

Spin(ground). Drives into combo attack.

クイックトリックC Quick Trick C (Quick Hit C in English) Derived Ground 40 300 Chained from Dodge &

Run(ground). Drives into combo attack.

クイックトリックD Quick Trick D (Quick Hit D in English) Derived Air 40 300 Chained from Dodge &

Throw (air). Drives into combo attack.

クイックトリックE Quick Trick E (Quick Hit E in English) Derived Air 40 300 Chained from Dodge &

Spin (air). Drives into combo attack.

チャージ&アサルト Charge & Assault (Slice & Dice in English)(Air) Derived Air 40 300 A barrage of sword attacks around the opponent with swimming style.


Tidus EX

Tidus's EX form

Equipped Caladbolg - Tidus automatically equips the Caladbolg (Ultima Weapon in the Japanese version), his Celestial Weapon in Final Fantasy X.

EX BurstEdit

Blitz Ace - A flurry of attacks leading to a magnificent shot. Watch your timing and press O when the cursor hits the center.

EX EffectsEdit

Hastega/ Mirror Dash - Top running speed increases, deflecting weak magical attacks.

Caladbolg(Atk) - The higher the user's HP, the sharper the weapon's blade.

Caladbolg(Dodge) - The period of invincibility between dodging and attacking increases.

Regen - Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.

Equipment Edit

Tidus wields swords and knuckles. For protection he uses light armor, shields, bracelets, helmets and hats. His unique weapon is "The Brotherhood", which is his main weapon in Final Fantasy X.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Japanese Name English Name Level Stats Notes
ザ・ストライカー Striker 50 BRV -26
BRV Boost on Dodge +10%
グランドスラム Grand Slam 92 BRV -38
BRV Boost on Dodge +15%
ワールドチャンピオン World Champion 100 BRV -40
BRV Boost on Dodge +20%
Minor Cat Nip Effect


  • Though Tidus' Ex Mode sword is translated as Caladbolg, in the Japanese version it is known as Ultima Weapon like Cloud's, meaning this is the first time two versions of the blade are seen in Dissidia.
  • Tidus storyline is fully related to his father; there is almost no relation to any other aspect from the story or characters in Final Fantasy X.
  • Despite being able to use blitzballs as projectiles, Tidus can't use throwing weapons, but his exclusive weapons' names are based on Wakka's, who uses blitzballs as his weapons.


  • A reference to Tidus frustration scene in Kilika is seen through Destiny Odyssey X, when he starts to yell while running.
  • Before his final battle with Jecht, Tidus speaks with Firion giving a slightly changed sentence "This is my story".
  • One of Tidus bonus in Ex Mode is increased evasion, this may reference the ability from the Caladbolg "Evade and Counter".
  • The summon stone Tidus finds in Destiny Odyssey X are the Magus Sisters, whom became summonable creatures in his original game.
  • Tidus's crystal looks like the memory spheres from Final Fantasy X and X-2.
  • Tidus's Ex Burst is Blitz Ace. In the original game ( Final Fantasy X ), Blitz Ace is Tidus's ultimate Overdrive and when performed, he attacks an enemy eight times, then, if successfully timed, he can execute the final shot, his backflip kick, shown in the original games opening sequence, and when he washes up at Besaid.

Artwork and Forms Edit

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